RE Falcon


RANDOLPH, MASSACHUSETTS – Named after the legendary F-16 Fighting Falcon, an American fighter jet known for having a cockpit with an exceptional field of view, the Falcon’s shield design allows shooters an exceptional view of their target with remarkable optical clarity. The shields will be available for purchase beginning July 1st on

Features include:

  • A stunning, unobstructed field of view
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • Extremely durable – A lifetime warranty on all solder joints (assuming normal use)
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Simple lens interchangeability

Product Specs:

  • 3 interchangeable shield lens tints (with built-in nose pieces)
    • HD – filters out blue light to increase contrast and clarity, the expert choice for medium light conditions
    • Medium Yellow – highlights orange clay targets, enhances contrast and brightens in low light
    • Dark Purple – great for bright conditions, contrasts orange targets against green and blue backgrounds
  • 2 frame finishes
    • Matte Black
    • Brushed Pewter
  • 2 sizes
    • small
    • medium/large
  • NexPC lens material – NexPC is 5-6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate with the same professional grade optics. During everyday use they remain 100% distortion free and scratch resistant.

“Designed specifically for the shooting market, the Falcon was engineered to sit higher than the average sport shield frame for the precise needs of a shooter.” said Peter Waszkiewicz, President/CEO of Randolph Engineering, Inc. “It combines a new, sleek, shield design with all the function and durability expected from our products. The interchangeable lenses and unobstructed field of view makes this frame a perfect choice for any shooting sport.”

RE Falcon

Famed for its extreme durability and classic styles, Randolph eyewear has been manufactured in the USA since 1972. Its sunglasses, optical frames, and shooting eyewear come with a lifetime warranty on the solder joints. As a further testament to their quality, Randolph is proud to have supplied sunglasses to the US Military and Air Forces world-wide for over 30 years. For more information, please visit