RBFF State Marketing Programs Continue to Positively Impact State Fishing License Sales and Boat Registrations

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) today announced that its State Marketing Programs continue to positively impact state fishing license sales and boat registrations. RBFF’s marketing programs help state agencies by sending targeted, well-timed and inviting direct mail pieces to lapsed anglers and boaters, reminding them of the joys of fishing and boating, and encouraging them to get back on the water.

Forty states participated in the 2013 Fishing License Marketing Program, now in its sixth year, sending out a total of 2.71 million direct mail pieces. Results reveal 229,310 licenses were sold, and more than $4.6 million was generated in gross program revenue.

Nineteen states participated in the second year of the Boat Registration Marketing Program, sending out more than 588,000 direct mail pieces. Through the program, 48,011 boat owners were drawn to re-register their boats, leading to nearly $1.7 million in gross program revenue.

Both the fishing and boating programs achieved strong response rates at 7.34 and 9.52 percent respectively, which are well above the U.S. average 4.4% response rate for print direct mail, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

It is estimated that participating state agencies will also benefit from an additional $1.3 million for both programs from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, in addition to the revenues gained through partnering with RBFF on the programs.

“We are pleased that both programs continue to see positive results,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “These programs help us meet our mission to increase participation in fishing and boating, and help fund critical state conservation efforts, ensuring our aquatic resources can be enjoyed for years to come.”

While each program is continually evolving to best connect with anglers and boaters, RBFF’s main focus is on expanding both programs in order to maximize results and continue to bring thousands of boaters and anglers back on the water.

In addition to the State Marketing Programs, RBFF drives consumers to the license and registration pages on state agency websites. In FY13, TakeMeFishing.org drove more than 1.2 million referrals to state fishing license pages and nearly 110,000 referrals to state boat registration pages.