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Raymarine Introduces Evolution™ EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System

WILSONVILLE, OR – Nobody wakes up at 4 AM to go steering. Operating the boat is simply a means to an end—like getting on a hot bite before anyone else, or making that next port of call on time.

That’s why more and more well-equipped boats of all sizes are fitting out with Raymarine’s award-winning Evolution™ series autopilots, which are unparalleled in terms of simple setup, incredible steering performance and reliability. 

Although boats of all sizes can fit out with a Raymarine Evolution autopilot, one segment in particular has seen keen interest: small- and mid-sized powerboats with hydraulic steering systems.

Many of these are small fishing boats that make extended runs to offshore fishing grounds, or troll for hours on end at low speed presenting fantastic spreads of bait to hungry gamefish. In this application, the benefits of adding a Raymarine Evolution autopilot are tremendous—and now come at an even better value than ever before.

The needs of this growing segment in mind, Raymarine is pleased to announce the new Evolution™ EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System Pack, a complete autopilot-in-a-box kit that is ready to install on many popular fishing and cruising powerboats with hydraulic steering. The system comes complete with a p70Rs autopilot controllerEV1 Sensor CoreACU-150 Actuator Control UnitType 1 12v Hydraulic Pump, and an Evolution autopilot cabling kit.

The Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System Pack is the ideal autopilot for small-to medium-sized hydraulically steered vessels with a steering ram capacity between 4.9 cu. in (80cc) and 14.0 cu in. (230cc). The system is for 12-volt DC electrical systems only.

Now all boat operators have access to the myriad advantages autopilot technology provides. For example: fuel savings, improved destination arrival times, reduced operator fatigue, multi-tasking with limited crew, and constant monitoring of variables to make minute helm corrections to maintain a desired heading or course.

Ease of Use

Engineered for simplicity, Raymarine’s award-winning Evolution autopilots eliminate the need for complicated setup and calibration. Thanks to the intelligent 9-axis EV sensor core, the autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessel’s steering characteristics without any user adjustments. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions.

The Evolution ACU-150 Actuator Control Unit also employs Raymarine’s patented Hydro-Balance™ technology to deliver superior autopilot performance for hydraulically steered boats, particularly those with outboard motors and rudder-reference-less systems. Hydro-Balance automatically compensates for hydraulic system elasticity, steering system asymmetry, and torque steer to keep your boat on-course at trolling speed, cruising speed, and all-out running.

Anglers will also love the Evolution Autopilot’s built-in trolling patterns. Let the autopilot work the boat while you prep bait, set your lines and adjust your spread.

The system is also equipped with Raymarine’s latest Evolution TrackIQ™ algorithms, which deliver tighter track-keeping and faster track acquisition. It also uses information on vessel pitch, roll, yaw and heave to stabilize GPS navigation data like course over ground, speed over ground and cross track error for the best possible tracking to waypoints and routes.

More Details: Raymarine ACU-150 Actuator Control Unit

The Raymarine ACU-150 is the component of the Evolution™ Autopilot system and is designed to provide power and control to a Raymarine Type-1 Hydraulic Drive Unit.

The ACU-150 connects to the SeaTalkng network for communication with its other peripherals. It also has connections for an optional Rudder Reference Unit (sold separately.) The ACU-150 works on 12-volt DC systems only.

To make a complete EV-150 autopilot system you must also add the Type-1 Hydraulic Drive Unit, Evolution EV1 Sensor Core, Evolution Cable Kit and either the p70s or p70Rs autopilot control head.

The full system—Evolution Hydraulic Pilot with p70Rs control head, ACU-150 & 1L hydraulic pump—is priced at $1,999 MSRP.

In addition to the System Pack, the ACU-150 Actuator Control Unit is also available separately for constructing a la carte systems, or for use as a spare. The ACU-150 is priced at $599.99 MSRP.

The EV-150 system pack and ACU-150 are now shipping.