Rat-L-Trap 5 New Colors

Rat-L-Trap Adds New Colors to Lineup

Alexandra, La— Wes Higgins, President of Bill Lewis Lures, announced today that Rat-L-Trap® had added five new colors to their saltwater line; Electric Chicken, Bunker (pictured below right), Blurple, School Bus and Chicken Scratch. The five new colors are currently in stock and can be viewed on our website by clicking this here: http://www.rat-l-trap.com/products.php?feature=1. All saltwater lures are now coming with Mustad® Saltwater (cad-plated) hooks.

The Original Rat-L-Trap® is still MADE IN USA, and is the tried and true product you can count on. With a more well known history in freshwater, the power of the Rat-L-Trap in saltwater has been kept secret by many guides and tournament anglers. Sizes range from 1/4oz, 2.5 inches up to 1 1/2oz, 4.75 inches, making the ‘Trap™ a killer in both shallow, inshore fisheries and deeper waters loaded with bigger game. Stripers, King Mackerel, Redfish, Weakfish, Tuna, Bluefish, and even Flounder can be taken on the wide-ranging sizes offered by Rat-L-Trap. Basically, if it swims, it will eat it!

Rat-L-Trap 5 New Colors

The Bill Lewis Lures mission is to preserve our heritage by continuing to produce quality products with good value, and continuing to appreciate the common passion that anglers share around the world. As we share that interest with anglers we are inevitably drawn towards developing new products that will write another page in the history books of sport fishing.

Started from a dream of a WWII bomber pilot that came home from the war and followed his passion for bass fishing; Bill Lewis Lures is made of the stuff that epitomizes the American Dream. As Bill Lewis tinkered away in his garage, he could have never fathomed what would happen when his hard work and creativity came together in a simple yet ingenious invention.