Scatter Rap Crank Hero


MINNETONKA, Minn. — In a class of its own, the patent pending, industry-first “evasive action” of the newly introduced Rapala® Scatter Rap® series has taken lakes across the country by storm – with fish of all species succumbing to its elusive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action.

The Scatter Rap series of lures consists of the new Rapala Scatter Rap Crank, Scatter Rap Minnow, Scatter Rap Shad and Scatter Rap CountDown®, which according to Mike Iaconelli, Rapala and VMC pro angler, have changed the face of fishing forever.

Scatter Rap Crank Hero

“There are times when lure companies introduce great lures and anglers find success. Then, there are times when they introduce a lure and it produces fish after fish, on lake after lake, in scenario after scenario, time after time – that’s what defines a historic bait – and that’s what the Scatter Rap series is,” Iaconelli says.

With unmatched versatility, the Scatter Rap series of lures has been catching everything from Walleyes in the Midwest, to Bucket Mouths and White Bass in Texas, Speckled Sea Trout in Florida to Lake Trout and Largemouth in California, from Atlantic Salmon to Walleyes in Michigan, Smallmouth all across the country, and everything in between.

“The reason the Scatter Rap series is so successful is that it brings game-changing action to the water produced by an innovative and uniquely designed curved or “Scatter Lip,” which creates an effortless and instant evasive pattern that Bass and a multitude of species zero in on,” explains Iaconelli. “They are simply the most versatile baits I’ve fished with.”

But, the action of the Scatter Rap series doesn’t stop there. When anglers vary reel speed, they’ll see an immediate sweeping action that perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack, moving from one side to the next, triggering big reactive bites.

The Scatter Rap series is available in 14-to-16 classic and new color patterns, which will have any fish species going wild on the attack. Cast or trolled, the Scatter Lip allows the baits to swim between the 5-and 9-foot water column – providing anglers with the ideal lure for multiple applications.

Tie on a Scatter Rap and be a part of history.
Scatter Rap Minnow

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