Rage Fish Unveils Liquid Mayhem at ICAST

Rage Fish Attractants Inc. (RFA) has brought Liquid Mayhem to ICAST. Liquid Mayhem is a series of fish attractants designed to target fresh water tournament species. It’s so effective, claimed one company spokesperson, that a recent field test had one guide catching fish on a bare hook.

Before launching Liquid Mayhem, RFA engaged in intensive research and field testing to refine the tri-fold series of fish attractants.

“Being avid long time advocates of Fish attractants ourselves we felt that the current market offerings left something to be desired both in terms of functionality and application” stated an RFA company spokesman” “The introduction of the Liquid Mayhem series is something that we are very proud of, and something not being done anywhere else”.

The Liquid Mayhem fresh water series consists of three distinct products formulated to target Bass, Walleye and Pike/musky respectively. The cornerstone of the product line is derived from the actual food that fish are foraging for. The natural baitfish formulas are then enhanced with amino acids and other bite stimulants designed to trigger big bites, causing a fish to stay with an artificial bait longer, and translating into more hook ups.

Rage Fish claims their super-concentrated formula is blended into a sticky matrix that applies easily and mess free—stay tuned in the coming weeks as FTR field testers confirm. And yes, we’ll be testing the bare-hook method as well. In the meantime, swing by booth 2423 at ICAST to hear the story for yourself.