QuadLink Charger Maintains up to Four Batteries at a Time

SOUTHLAKE, TX– – For individuals and families with a need to maintain multiple lead-acid batteries- powering everything from autos, RVs and light trucks to motorcycles and scooters to boats and watercraft to off roaders and riding lawn mowers-PulseTech Products Corporation (www.pulsetech.net) today introduced a kit allowing users to automatically maintain and desulfate up to four batteries at a time.

The maintenance charger kit (XC-QL4-K1), MSRP $199.95, includes everything that you need to maintain four 12-Volt lead-acid batteries- both an Xtreme Charge® Battery Charger and Desulfator (XC100-P) and a QuadLink (XC-QL4), a four-station multiplier that distributes the charger’s properties.

  • The Xtreme Charge® Battery Charger and Desulfator evaluates and tests all types of 12-Volt lead-acid batteries. This battery charger makes maintenance and bulk charging simple with proprietary algorithms and microprocessor controlled technology that measures voltage and current to determine the proper operating charge. The variable float charge, of this battery charger, improves battery condition by increasing the charge rate safely to optimal levels and protecting it from being overcharged.
  • The QuadLink™ turns the Xtreme Charge Battery Charger and Desulfator into a 4-station maintenance charger, automatically splitting and distributing all of the charger’s maintenance capabilities into 10-minute sequencing segments making remembering to switch your battery charger back and forth between batteries in storage obsolete. Cycle rotation will continue indefinitely without overcharging – maintaining the charge of all four batteries for you automatically. For best results, batteries should start off in a fully charged state.
  • The QuadLink™ can be used with virtually any brand charger using eight amps, but only PulseTech’s maintenance chargers offer the exclusive Pulse Technology®, a patented system unique in its ability to reduce the buildup of sulfation on battery plates resulting in the battery working at peak efficiency. Studies have shown that batteries routinely maintained with Pulse Technology® can extend battery life up to five times.
  • The XC-822-TEST 12-Volt battery tester quickly indicates a 12-Volt lead-acid battery’s state of charge at 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. It also provides a quick GOOD or BAD alternator test result. It’s the perfect tester to determine if a battery needs to be charged before being attached to the QuadLink Charger Kit.
  • The QuadLink and XC-100-P combination kit works with ANY 12V battery, regardless of size of CCA rating, including AGM, gel-cell, VRLA inducing or deep cycle for marine, standard automobile and truck and even small motorcycle and golf cart and riding mower batteries.

“This new kit offers the most effective method to maintain multiple batteries- something most U.S. households could use, not only to improve battery performance but to help the family budget by greatly extending battery life,” said Rick Miller, Vice-President of Sales for PulseTech Products, a company that has been maximizing battery performance while minimizing battery-related expenses for individuals, companies, fleets and military forces since 1994.

The kit, according to Miller, is extremely easy to assemble and use.

“Set up takes just a few minutes and this state-of-the-art battery charger automatically knows what to do so you don’t have to be a battery expert to use it,” he said. “Unlike other smart chargers on the market, you don’t need to select the battery type or the proper charge rate for the battery to avoid the risk of unsafe or improper charging.”

This kit, added Miller, has the ability to not only maintain as many as four individual batteries, but can also maintain 12V batteries in 24, 36 and 48V series connected configurations typically used in golf carts or similarly designed vehicles or battery packs. Users, he said, can simply connect each output lead using the provided eyelet lug connectors (up to 4) to each 12V segment of the multiple battery configurations and in doing so allow the QuadLink to maintenance charge each of the 12V segments of the pack in 10-minute intervals. This will ensure the entire pack is maintained at the state of charge that they were left at when stored or left unused for an extended period.

Miller said a quick disconnect feature allows users to permanently attach lugs to the battery and easily switch between lugs and clamps. The status light column shows users when the unit power is on, pulsing and charging. The battery light column indicates the percentage of the battery’s state of charge – 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Kit Contains:

  • (1) 4-Station Charger Multiplier, XC-QL4
  • (1) Battery Maintenance Charger, XC100-P
  • (1) Battery Tester, XC-822-TEST
  • (5) 2′ Battery Leads with Lugs, XC-LUGS
  • (1) 2′ Battery Lead with Clips, XC-CLIPS
  • (4) 5′ Battery Extension Leads, XC-EXT-5
  • (2) 25′ Battery Extension Leads, XC-EXT-25