ProNav Unveils a Brand New Way to Control

Houghton, MI – ProNav Marine continues to innovate as a leader in boat control technology with the all new patent pending ProNav Angler Motion.

This revolutionary, industry-first gesture controller gives recreational and tournament anglers the edge they seek with PointDrive point-and-go driving, PointJog automatic positioning, and an arsenal of additional features to make boat control easier than ever. ProNav Angler Motion is a waterproof, handheld controller that pairs via Bluetooth with the ProNav Angler, a GPS autopilot for electric trolling motors, to give you complete boat control independently from or in conjunction with the ProNav Angler mobile app.

PointDrive technology allows fishermen to control their bow mount trolling motor with certain gestures, similar to motion controllers used with popular video gaming systems. It offers intuitive, point-and-go driving, quick and easy GPS anchoring, and a full suite of features that will define a new generation of motion controlled navigation.

PointJog will become a favorite feature for serious and casual anglers alike–it allows the user to point the controller at a location on the water where they wish to anchor and automati- cally reposition the boat in that location.

“We are extremely excited about this technology. For the first time ever, anglers no longer have to look and see which direction their trolling motor is pointing and make continuous manual adjustments to get from Point A to Point B. Instead you can simply make adjustments, from anywhere in the boat, by pointing where you want your boat to go,” said ProNav CEO Travis White.

Anglers of all species will appreciate the ease of use of the Motion controller along with the familiar layout of the button keypad, which is similar to the home screen of the ProNav Angler iOS and Android apps. “It has been designed as a waterproof, rechargeable motion controller that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) to maximize battery life,” said ProNav CTO Nels Benda.

The ProNav Angler Motion is an accessory exclusively for the ProNav Angler GPS autopilot system for bow mount electric trolling motors.

About ProNav Marine: ProNav products are designed by fishermen for fishermen. ProNav is committed to providing anglers with technologies to enhance the boating and fishing experience. We believe your electronics play an important role in your success on the water, and using our products will help you have more productive fishing experiences.