Product Spotlight: Fish Monkey Specialty Gloves

While your customers know the Fish Monkey brand for our outstanding warm-weather sun protection and cold-weather fishing gloves, what they might not realize is that we also offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of specialty gloves. These are specifically suited for applications like paddling a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, using a slow- or fast-pitch jigging techniques, leadering large gamefish and much more. Let’s take a look at the Fish Monkey lineup of specialty products.

The Crusher

This is an outstanding all-around fishing glove that’s perfect for paddlers and jiggers, thanks to the ergonomic design, four-way stretch material and reinforced pads which protect your hands from friction blisters while also reducing fatigue from those long days on the water. The non-slip grip in the palms works just as well when wet as it does dry, and the exposed fingertips allow for knot tying, bait rigging and tackle manipulation without having to remove the gloves. The UPF 50-plus sun protection is another bonus. If you specialize in kayaks or SUPs, this is the glove you want for your customers.

The Quick Release and Beast Master

Grabbing the leader on a large gamefish requires a special glove, so we turned to veteran captain and world-record holder Charles Perry, who assisted in the design of two gloves. The Quick Release is a medium-weight wiring glove which uses Kevlar reinforcement at key points for the ultimate in protection. The four-way stretch and synthetic leather palm add to the comfort. When using heavy tackle for large tuna and billfish, check out the Beast Master: more heavy-duty Kevlar reinforcing plus interior padding protects your hands from being crushed by heavy wire or monofilament leader material. The vee-style wrist opening allows for easy on and off as well, and open fingertips allow for tackle manipulation.

Gripper Fillet Glove

Taking a page from commercial fish cleaners, we utilize ANSI cut-resistant material in the construction, while the latex rubber wrinkle finish palms gives these gloves a superb non-slip grip when handling slippery fillets. The synthetic material is quick-drying and won’t hold odors like cotton gloves can. This is also a great glove for chumming and chunking applications, especially at night on a rocking boat.

Easy Work Waterman

Lightly padded and breathable, this is a great all-around glove for any chores on the boat or in the water. Four-way stretch, UPF 50-plus protection and a superb comfortable fit, plus a non-slip, lightly padded palm, make this one a winner.

Be sure your customers are prepared for any situation this summer with a full line of Fish Monkey performance fishing gloves. For more information, check out