Premium Shimano Technologies Forge Superior Lures

Supersized fish don’t grow to enormous proportions by being gullible or easily fooled. Age-old lures and classic presentations frequently fail when faced with the challenge of tempting trophy-caliber targets. Shimano answers the cry of avid anglers to catch more and bigger fish by crafting superior reels, rods and lures that elevate good trips into great ones. By leveraging a century of design and manufacturing innovation, Shimano now forges three exclusive technologies into lures that fool the wariest fish.


Subsurface flash is one of the essential characteristics for attracting fish to a lure. As flash travels through the water column, it mimics the irregular scatter of light off reflective baitfish bodies and appeals directly to a predator fish’s visual instincts. Flash is a critical component of the strike-triggering equation, whether an angler fishes clear or turbid water, under the midday sun or during low-light conditions.

Shimano engineered the patent-protected FLASH BOOST system to provide a fish-attracting flash during all phases of the retrieve – even on the pause. FLASH BOOST suspends a highly polished, reflective foil on micro springs within a hollow chamber in the lure’s body. The slightest motion activates this system, sending flash cascading through the water column toward lurking predators. When the angler pauses the bait during the retrieve, the reflective foil continues to shimmer, effectively mimicking the flash of a quivering, wounded baitfish suspended in the water column. No other lure disperses more flash into the water column than Shimano lures equipped with the exclusive FLASH BOOST system – in motion or at rest – and no fish can resist its attractive qualities.


Want a simple recipe for catching more fish? Cover water, and put baits in front of as many fish as possible on every cast. Because anglers won’t catch fish they can’t reach with a cast, Shimano focuses on enhancing casting performance by engineering unique enhancements into their lineup of rods and reels and crafting innovative features into their lures.

Shimano designed the exclusive JET BOOST system with a singularity of purpose: To enhance the distance of every cast. The JET BOOST system increases casting distance and accuracy by capitalizing on the physics of the casting motion with a spring-loaded weight transfer system. As the angler swings the lure backward, centrifugal forces cause an internal weight to slide into the lure’s tail during the backcast, altering the lure’s center of gravity and driving it farther through the air as the angler propels it forward. At the end of the cast, the spring-loaded weight returns to its original position, perfectly rebalancing the lure for proper swimming action. Shimano lures equipped with JET BOOST provide up to 22% longer casts than lures of comparable size and weight. With help from JET BOOST, every angler can cast longer and tempt more fish on every trip.


A lure’s finest visual details make the biggest difference when a predator fish is within striking distance. If the lure’s color or texture doesn’t effectively mimic the natural scale patterns of a fleeing baitfish at close range, an experienced or wary predator will turn away at the moment of truth. At the same time, a technology-infused, biomimetic pattern will make that future trophy throw caution to the wind, delivering a swift and decisive attack.

Shimano’s proprietary SCALE BOOST system amplifies a fish’s predatory instincts and triggers more strikes from trophy fish. SCALE BOOST mimics the realistic patterns of baitfish scales by utilizing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water. SCALE BOOST is not a paint or finish applied to the lure; instead, Shimano engineers the hologram directly into the bait. The visual impact of SCALE BOOST represents next-level strike triggering at its finest.

Shimano’s exclusive FLASH BOOST, JET BOOST, and SCALE BOOST represent a trifecta of premium technologies that enable anglers to catch more and bigger fish on every trip. Learn more about these Shimano advances – and the lures forged from them – by visiting booth 2200 at ICAST 2021 in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Shimano

Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for 100 years, Shimano’s manufacturing capabilities allow for anglers worldwide to enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. We designed the entire lineup of Shimano products to elevate angler experiences with features that continuously evolve to push the boundaries of modern fishing tackle while raising the bar for the whole fishing industry.