Calibrator Line Counter

Precision Makes Tip-Up Perfect

Plano, IL– An Alberta Clipper’s rolling in; the temperature is plummeting and wind steadily gaining strength. Not only is it cold enough for your fingers to go numb while fine-tuning another tip-up, but your eyelashes are now frosting and fusing together with every blink. (Remember an iced-over Johnny at the end of the movie The Shining?)

If only there was a way to release the perfect amount of line from your tip-up and not fumble with feeling-free fingers; know how much line a running fish has stripped, or when exactly the strike occurred. All of these characteristics would universally enhance the tip-up fishing experience.

Well, it’s here. Introducing the Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit from Frabill – a complete system of easy-to-assemble parts that’ll convert nearly any tip-up into a techno, line-counting, cyber fish-catching weapon. And as sure as the Calibrator Tip-Up was flagged as last season’s new product sensation, the Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit is certain to earn an immediate following.

Calibrator Line Counter

“With the Calibrator Line Counter, there’s no second guessing anything about fishing with tip-ups. Everything from the amount of line out, to the time of day and how long it’s been since the hit occurred as well how much line has been stripped from the spool is all spelled out with pinpoint accuracy,” says Pat Kalmerton, Frabill prostaff and proprietor of Wolf Pack Adventures – a Wisconsin-based multi-species guide service.

“And with all those statistics at your fingertips, you can even get an idea of what species just ate your offering, which dictates how much line to feed it and whether you need a soft or firm hookset.”

The Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit includes everything needed to upgrade virtually any tip-up to a precision performance appliance for catching more fish. The package includes universal mounting brackets and hardware to mount the easy-to-read LCD monitor and Frabill’s exclusive magnetic calibrator. Heck, the battery is already installed so the device is ready to rock the moment you set boots on the ice.

No matter how basic tip-up fishing was thought to be, Frabill’s new Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit will turn the timeless tactic into a precision practice, and at the same time minimize your exposure to that impending Alberta Clipper.