Micro Anchor

Power-Pole Micro Anchor for Kayaks, Canoes and Small Craft

TAMPA, FL – JL Marine Systems, Inc. is blazing new trails through the water with of-the-moment technology. Power-Pole, the original pioneer for shallow-water anchors, just launched the Micro Anchor-a compact, all-electric powerhouse built to stop small crafts on a dime.

Nothing holds small crafts better in shallow water than Power-Pole’s Micro Anchor. Designed for no-fuss fishing, this Micro-with an 8.5′ spike-will stop you on the spot in less than 7 seconds flat. So, no matter how much the wind and water move, no matter what sand, rock or mud is beneath you, you won’t budge. Natural rubber wheels feature Water Evacuating Tread (WET) with rugged drive train that won’t jam or clog in any environment, from salt flats to Mississippi muck. It’s Power-Pole’s signature hold, guaranteed.

Micro Anchor

And you’re in charge. The MICRO’s wireless C-Monster operating system puts flexibility at your fingertips for a smart, seamless extension of your every whim. The remote gives you the freedom to fish your way with all the speed and directional controls in the palm of your hand. There’s a USB Connector – for software updates and downloads, you’re connected through Bluetooth and you can even call the shots through our smart phone app.

For captains of smaller boats or kayaks, the electric-drive MICRO runs right from your 12v battery. If your vessel does not have a battery on board, there’s a Battery Pack & Charger kit, too. The “Soft Drive” stealth gearbox is engineered with sound deadening composites for ultra-quiet operation. And it’s built to perform in the water. Low-friction Spike glider bearings give you years of smooth performance. No coatings or paints mean no chipping, peeling, cracking or fading over time. And the fully adjustable mounting bracket makes it easy to install any transom or horizontal deck surface.

The Micro Anchor is the first Power-Pole of its kind-crafted for the ultimate fishing lifestyle.

For more information on the complete line of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories, go to www.power-pole.com.