How to Pack Smart and Fish Big

Most of us would agree that baggage only weighs us down, gets in the way and prevents a good time. No angler has ever thought, “I wish I carried more stuff with me on the water. I need more junk!” In fact, the goal of every talented angler is to be so dialed-in that he really needs just a few high-quality rods, reels and baits to catch a bunch of fish.

In fact, it’s rare for an angler with a dozen rods on the deck of his boat to win a bass tournament. Find an angler with a dozen rods all rigged and ready to go, and you’re looking at someone who’s still trying to figure out what the fish are doing.

But find an angler poised and ready with just a couple of rods and baits, and you’re looking at a threat to win. He’s streamlined his approach, gotten dialed into the situation, chosen the finest tools for the task and eliminated the distractions between him and success.

Other gear is like that, too—whether you’re talking about too many lures, too many hooks and sinkers or extraneous supplies. Too much of even a good thing is too much. For the angler on the go, the goal is to pack small and fish big. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Adrian Avena agrees. The best anglers are often the pickiest, and Avena’s obsession with streamlining goes all the way to his sunglasses.

Visualizing Success

Photo: BASS

“Whether I’m fishing a tournament or just out for fun, I want to simplify my approach as much as possible,” Avena says. “It’s hard to have fun or win a tournament if you’re dealing with a lot of stuff you don’t need. I focus on the basics, and I insist that my basics are the very best.”

For Avena, packing small and using the very best brought him directly to Popticals.

“I have to be confident in my equipment, and my eyes are my most important tool,” Avena says. “Knowing I have the best polarized sunglasses on the market gives me confidence. The convenience of Popticals pop-out technology, combined with their high-quality lenses make them my eyewear of choice whether I’m fun fishing or making a living on the tournament trail.”

Popticals outstanding optics got Avena’s attention. Their design made him a devoted fan.

“A great pair of wrap-around sunglasses are a must,” Avena says. “I demand great optics in a convenient package, but most wrap-around sunglasses are bulky when you’re not wearing them. Keeping them on top of your cap or unprotected somewhere in the boat almost guarantees they’re going to be scratched, broken or lost. That defeats the entire purpose of having them!

“If sunglasses aren’t safe and convenient, they’re no good to me,” the pro insists.

That’s where Popticals have a big advantage over conventional eyewear. Unlike other sunglasses that are easily scratched, broken or lost because they’re difficult to store and protect, Popticals’ unique and innovative FL2 Micro-Rail System allows anglers to fold the glasses together and store them in their small, convenient case that easily fits in a pocket or clips onto a belt with a carabiner (conveniently included).

“With my Popticals, I not only know where they are,” Avena says, “but I know they’re safe and protected. When you invest in the best, you want to know they’re going to last and be there when you need them.”

Packed Small for Retail

All Popticals products are designed and handcrafted in Italy. They use NYDEF Nylon lenses that are manufactured to uncompromising specifications by Carl Zeiss Vision. They are significantly clearer than polycarbonate lenses—rivaling glass in clarity—but 18 percent lighter than polycarbonate. They also stay clear all day long because of their Ri-Pel hydrophobic technology that repels water, sweat, dust, and oil from their surface. What’s more, they offer complete UV400 protection that filters out all harmful UV rays.

The lightweight, flexible and tough frames are made of Grilamid TR 90, and the glasses feature stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.

And Popticals are retail-friendly. They’re distinctive and easy to sell—an innovative product that stands out and offers value.

With Popticals, anglers can pack small, but fish big. View the entire Popticals fishing lineup here.