Primmus Xi

Pinnacle’s 2014 Tournament Class Tackle Line Features New Super-Lightweight Reels and “Dream Stick” Rods!

IRVINE, Calif., July 10, 2013 – Pinnacle Fishing continues its single-minded pursuit of perfection in 2014 with noteworthy new products driven by field-tested performance. The company’s Tournament Class reel lineup now features a pair of new super-lightweight baitcasters that are exciting both for their power and their affordability. Pinnacle has also added a dozen new pro-driven rod designs that are sure to show up in rod lockers everywhere.

Primmus™ Xi Hand Tuned Baitcast Reel
Weighing an amazing 5.8 ounces overall, the super-lightweight Primmus Xi enables anglers to fish longer and stronger, with less fatigue, for enhanced focus and productivity. It also balances perfectly with today’s lightweight bass rods, for superior sensitivity at the point of attack.

This reel was built with advanced materials to maximize durability, and to eliminate all excess weight. Its powerful X-Bone 2.0 metal frame supports light, durable REF2 carbon fiber sidecovers designed to maintain full structural rigidity.

Both the spool and drive train are made of extra-light Duralumin alloy; though costly, it keeps the weight low without sacrificing strength. The Primmus Xi also marks Pinnacle’s return to traditional 6-pin centrifugal cast control, for optimum handling when using lighter baits.

Primmus Xi

With its powerful carbon fiber concave handle, multi-stack carbon drag system, 10 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus roller bearing, and versatile 6.3:1 gear ratio, the Primmus Xi is built to handle anything a fish can throw at it, while significantly reducing angler fatigue over the course of a hard day on the water. In addition, every Primmus Xi is factory hand-tuned to ensure optimum out-of-the-box performance. Thus, the reel arrives pre-primed for precision operation—ready to spool up and fish. Also includes a one-time free factory tune-up, redeemable over the life of the reel.

Producer™ LTE Baitcast Reel
This 5.75-ounce reel gives value-conscious tournament anglers the advantage of using super-lightweight gear. Through innovative design and liberal use of lightweight materials, it reduces hand and wrist fatigue while enhancing sensitivity and balance. The Producer LTE features Pinnacle’s durable X-Bone carbon frame and advanced REF2 carbon fiber sideplates for ultimate lightweight performance. The spool and drive train are made of super-light Duralumin, to ensure precision castability with smooth, wobble-free retrieves.

Despite its extreme light weight and compact design, the Producer LTE provides all of the features today’s tournament angler demands. Performance enhancements include 8 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus roller bearing, a powerful multi-stack drag system with audible drag star, and externally adjustable magnetic cast control. A concave aluminum handle assures virtually unlimited winding power; quick-release sidecovers make maintenance a snap. The 6.3:1 gear ratio enables use within a wide range of techniques.

Pinnacle Producer LTE Bait Cast Reel

The Producer LTE clearly packs a ton of performance into just 5.75 ounces. At $99.99, it’s a highly desirable choice for anyone looking to add a super-lightweight baitcaster to their arsenal, at an amazingly affordable price.

Perfecta 7 DHC Technique-Specific Rods
Pinnacle Fishing has added 12 cutting-edge, technique-specific rods to its popular rod line for 2014.

The new Tournament Class Perfecta 7 DHC rods were designed by Pinnacle pro staffers Dave Wolak, John Crews and Britt Myers to complement their individual fishing styles. Each model represents a pro’s “personal dream sticks” for given techniques ranging from finesse rigging, to crankbaiting, to the latest power fishing styles. To create these advanced rods, Pinnacle refined its proprietary Double Helix Construction process, resulting in handcrafted high-modulus blanks that are extraordinarily light and sensitive, yet very strong, with precisely tuned actions.

All styles feature hand tuned actions and split-grip handles with high-density EVA grips, and are fitted with the finest lightweight components available. Fuji® Titanium-SIC Tangle-Free K-Guides facilitate smooth line flow while casting and retrieving. Low-profile Fuji ACS and VSS reel seats are flanked by handsome black matte hoods and anodized aluminum winding checks.

Perfecta 7

Extremely light, strong and durable, the Perfecta 7 DHC rods are primed to elevate every angler’s performance. The purchase includes a limited lifetime warranty.

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