PENN Stands Alongside Captains For Clean Water

This collaboration underscores PENN’s commitment to supporting the captains and communities that depend on these waters for their livelihood and recreational activities.

Columbia, SC — As part of its ongoing dedication to crucial conservation efforts, PENN is excited to announce its support of Captains for Clean Water (CFCW), a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Florida’s aquatic ecosystems.

PENN has been a long-time adopter of clean water programs, conservation, and the support of the captains and people that constitute their angling community. By joining forces with CFCW, PENN aims to further engage with the angling community to promote clean water and encourage active participation in conservation efforts. By leveraging its social network of over 700,000 anglers, PENN will strive to educate and communicate around CFCW projects in addition to promoting special fundraising activities that will be dedicated to supporting the tireless efforts of CFCW. This initiative is especially focused on Florida’s unique ecosystem, which is vital not only to both local and national fishing interests, but also to the community at large.

“PENN has always believed that the stewardship of our natural resources is not only important but essential to the future of fishing,” said Theis Gronemann, Marketing Director for PENN. “Partnering with Captains for Clean Water enables us to concentrate our efforts on conserving waterways essential not only to the PENN Fleet captains but also to our community of anglers and the local communities, who are impacted by the overall health of marine life and ecosystems.” The collaboration with CFCW marks yet another milestone in PENN’s unwavering commitment to leading the charge for ocean conservation and stewardship. This partnership marks the expanding network of like-minded organizations devoted to enhancing fishing access, sustainability, and preserving marine ecosystems for generations to come. By teaming up with CFCW and bolstering their existing initiatives alongside esteemed partners like the International Game Fish Association, Gray Fishtag Research, and the Coastal Conservation Association, PENN strives to exemplify environmental leadership. Together, they support the dedicated captains and anglers who form the vibrant PENN community, driving forward a collective vision of ensuring clean water and preserving essential habitats for a thriving fishery.

“This collaboration represents a powerful alliance in our ongoing mission to protect and restore our vital waterways and fishing habitats.” said Chris Wittman, Co-Founder of Captains for Clean Water. ” With PENN’s support and our shared dedication to clean waterways, we are confident that our partnership will significantly enhance engagement on critical conservation issues, fostering a broader understanding of the impact water quality has on the outdoor industry, our way of life and the importance of preserving our ability to pursue our passions on the water, for generations to come.”

PENN encourages the fishing community to participate in supporting Captains for Clean Water, contributing significantly to safeguarding the places we love to fish and ensuring their enjoyment for
future generations.

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About Captains For Clean Water

Captains For Clean Water is a Florida-based 501(c)3 grassroots nonprofit on a mission to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems for the use and enjoyment of all. Founded in 2016 by fishing guides, CFCW has united the outdoor industry, business community, and concerned citizens at the forefront of the fight for clean water — the lifeblood of Florida’s economy and $85.9 billion tourism industry. Learn more at or follow along on YouTubeInstagramX (formally known as Twitter),
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