Hammered Panther Martin Spinners

Panther Martin’s 5 New Releases

Panther Martin has 5 new products to showcase at ICAST this year.

  • New Hammered Panther Martin Spinners – Featuring new hammered blades with super luminous reflections and unique color patterns. Available in 5 new colors – Hammered Gold, Hammered Silver, Hammered Yellow Red, Hammered FishSeeUV™ Salmon Black, Hammered FishSeeUV™ Lime Chartreuse. Great for trout, panfish, bass, walleye, perch, pike, pickerel and many other species.
  • Hammered Panther Martin Spinners

  • New Panther Martin FishSeeUV™ Salmon & Steelhead Lures – a new series of large spinning lures that feature dramatic UV colors and patterns that are particularly irresistible to Salmon and Steelhead. Also deadly on Muskie and Pike. Comes in 6 colors (UV Red Tiger, UV Pink Tiger, UV Lime Tiger, UV Fire Tiger, UV Red White, UV Chartreuse Lime Orange) and 4 sizes (7/16 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. & 1 oz.). Available dressed with natural looking Marabou features or in classical undressed.
  • Hammered Panther Martin Spinners

    Hammered Panther Martin Spinners

  • New Panther Martin Vibrant Image lures – 3 great new digital image lures. They feature a UV enhanced iridescent pearl base finish and colorful graphics optimized for maximum attraction while spinning. FishSeeUV™ Color graphics are digitally applied into the paint for extreme durability and detail in all fishing conditions. This new series will be particularly effective on bass, crappie, perch and all gamefish. Available in 3 sizes – 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. & 1/4 oz.
  • Vibrant Image lures

  • New Panther Martin TailWaggers™ – 3 great new colors for the Panther Martin TailWagger™ series – FishSeeUV™ Fire Tiger, FishSeeUV™ Red White and SuperShad. Available in 3/8 oz. & 1/2 oz. This new lures are specifically designed for bass, white bass, trout, walleye and pickerel.
  • Panther Martin TailWaggers

  • New Panther Martin Kits – this year we are introducing 2 great new kits – the UV3 – FishSeeUV™ 3-pack, which feature 3 our very best FishSeeUV™ lures, and our Hammered 6, which feature 6 of our all new Hammered lures. These kits make great Special Occasion Day gifts or Holiday gifts and are the perfect way for beginner or intermediate anglers to get a great selection of these different kind of lures.

Panther Martin Kits

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