Port Jefferson, NY, – Innovative, exciting, effective – all attributes of Panther Martin® lures since their first introduction in 1958.  The new lures for 2023 are no different.  With the new InLine Swivels™, Panther Martin has created a lure that anglers will clamor for.  A swivel mounted directly onto the shaft of the spinner is such a simple, yet incredibly effective modernization to spinners.

The integrated InLine Swivels are attached directly to the wire shaft which goes directly through the blade, like every other Panther Martin® spinner.  This removes the need for attaching a standard double eyelet swivel to the front eyelet hoop keeping the same original Panther Martin® lure profile.  Reducing water resistance and weed snags and making the lures better and easier to cast, retrieve, and troll.

The new lures also have Panther Martin’s® convex/concave blades and are available 10 popular color combinations including their most popular Regular Gold and Regular Silver, two spotted spinners – Spotted Black and Spotted Yellow, four Holographic – Tiger Green, Silver Blue (shown), Rainbow Trout, and Fire Tiger,  and two from their Regular Fly Series – Fly Gold/Black and Fly Gold/Brown.  Sizes 2 – 1/16 oz., 4 – 1/8 oz., and 6 – ¼ oz. are available.

The Panther Martin® InLine Swivel™ goes to show you that small changes can make a huge difference.  Email [email protected] or call 631-473-7308 for more info.