P-Line Braids with DuPont Teflon to Ship in November

P-Line XTCB is a new braided line which features DuPont’s Teflon Surface Protector. The benefit to the angler is a line which has more abrasion resistance, flows through the guides with less friction and allows for longer casting.  Fishermen can also expect better knot strength than ordinary braids. XTCB has been created with an extremely tight weave and increased body which makes it perfect for both spinning and bait casting reels.  XTCB has an amazing strength to diameter ratio with virtually zero stretch.  XTCB will be available in a standard version which is predominately 4 carrier (in the smaller sizes) and a deluxe version known as XTCB-8.

XTCB-8 has all of the same great features as XTCB and more, by using 8 strands of fiber during the braiding process, P-Line has made a braid which is extremely tight and compact, the benefit to the angler is an ultra smooth finish and the ability to retain its round shape while having a smaller diameter.

P-Line has used a number of guides and professional fishermen to field test this product over the past 3 years, including 5-Time FLW Champion  Scott Martin. “The new P-Line X-Braid beat my expectation. It really stood out in several categories including color retention, abrasion resistance, quietness, casting consistency and the ability to make long casts” stated Scott.

John Klar is a renowned West Coast Salmon and Steelhead guide who has also been instrumental in testing the product for P-Line. ““I have been putting the 50, 65, and 80 pound test  X-Braid through the rigors of salmon fishing for almost 2 years. The stuff is tough as nails, and it has retained its shape and color better than any braid I’ve fished.” With over 250 guide days a year John knows how to test product!

“I’ve been using the 30lb. test XTCB Braid for throwing topwater. What’s nice about XTCB  is how smooth it is. I have never had a line shoot off a reel so far and so consistently. You will catch more fish with a longer cast, and P-Line XTCB Braid will cast further than any braid I have fished” stated  2010 Wal-Mart FLW Angler of the Year and 3-Time Wal-Mart FLW Tour Champion Bryan Thrift.

XTCB will begin shipping in November of 2014. The retail for XTCB will start at $14.99 for a 150 yard spools, and XTCB-8 has a MAP of $18.99 for 150 yard spools.