P-Line Double Skirt

P-Line Expands Their Squid Category with 48 New SKU’s

BRISBANE, CA – The aggressive expansion of the P-Line Squid program is sure to have a number of anglers chomping at the bit this Fall when these products become available at their local tackle shops.

Let’s start small, the 1.5 inch Sunrise Squid come 8 pieces per pack and include 10 colors, they are UV enhanced to insure maximum visibility underwater. There is a rigged version called the Reaction Squid, which caters to the Kokanee and trout market. The Reaction Squid come two per pack and are rigged on 8 lb. fluorocarbon leader with two size 4 octopus hooks.

In the 4.5 inch Sunrise Squid family P-Line has added 4 colors of the clear-glow spatterback pattern, which include red, purple, pink and chartreuse. Another addition is the 4.5 inch rigged skirts which come tied on 60 inches of 30 lb. CXX-Xtra Strong, two size 5/0 Octopus hooks, along with a complimentary tinsel insert for flash and body. These are sure to be a hit with salmon anglers from the Great Lakes, out to the Farrallon Islands, and up to BC and Alaska.

When it comes to trolling for pelagic species or searching the depths for halibut and ling cod, the new 6 inch P-Line Double Skirt is sure to find their way onto the boats of the top saltwater skippers and tournament anglers. With high quality raw materials and bright colors which include 5 glow models, you can rest assured that crowded barbeque grills and full fish boxes are in your future.

“We’ve tried to fill certain geographic needs” stated company spokesman Thomas Kanemoto. “We’ve listened to angler requests from both fresh and saltwater, and that input was the driving force behind such an aggressive expansion in our squid category.”

P-Line now has skirts in 1.5”, 2.5”, 4.5”, 7.5”, 9.5”, and 12.5 inch models with over 60 colors in the assortment.

 P-Line Double Skirt

All of P-Line’s new squid skirt products will be available in October of 2013. For more information or a color chart of the new products contact P-Line at 800-537-2394 ext 206.