The new Kick’R Minnow series from P-Line will give anglers a great new lure option for the 2013 Tackle Season. These custom hand poured soft plastic baits have proven effective in both fresh and saltwater fishing applications during field testing.

“Our ultimate goal was to develop an A-Rig bait which could be fished at a very slow speed”, stated Don Newman of P-Line. “The bait had to be soft enough so the tail would “kick” when crawled in deep water when anglers are targeting bass during the winter, which is why an injection bait simply was not an option.”

Once the project started it was obvious a single size would not do justice to the line, which is why the Kick’R Minnow will be available in three sizes, 4, 5, and 6-inch versions. The initial introduction will include 6 colors, Albino Chartreuse, Light Hitch, Smokin Pearl, Rainbow Trout, Sexy Shad, and Disco Pearl.

“We knew the Kick’R had the chance to cross into both fresh and saltwater markets. Swimbaits have incredible versatility, so it was no surprise when our field testers started reporting success using the Kick’R on tuna, small mouth, speckled trout, striped bass, ling cod and multiple other species. It’s inevitable the color selection will have to expand to cater to these other fisheries, but our primary focus is the largemouth bass market.”

The baits have an additional feature which is a light anise scent, a proven fish attraction smell which is sure to have fish hold onto the bait for a few extra seconds allowing the angler enough time to set the hook.

The P-Line Kick’R Minnow will be available in November of 2012. The suggested retail for the Kick’R Minnows will be $4.99. For additional information on P-Line Kick’R Minnows log onto www.P-Line.com of check them out on Facebook.