Optimize Your Fishing Reel Maintenance at Shimano School

Reels are a central component of every angler’s tackle arsenal. These precision-engineered tools must withstand both the harsh and corrosive effects of the elements and the rigors of trophy-caliber fish to deliver the performance and reliability that anglers demand. Regular service and preventive maintenance are vital for maintaining exceptional reel performance over a lifetime of use and abuse. Now, every angler can learn to maintain their reels like a pro by attending this week’s Shimano School.

Shimano School is an ongoing series of angler outreach and educational events hosted by JP DeRose, and features compelling topics and special guests from across the spectrum of the fishing world. Shimano School meets every two weeks and streams live on the Shimano Facebook Page and the Shimano North America’s YouTube Channel.

In this week’s edition of Shimano School, viewers will learn simple and effective ways to maintain their reels from Shimano Fish Warranty Manager Chris Giles. Streaming live from one of Shimano North America’s Customer Service Centers in Canada, this unique workshop will illustrate the tools and techniques that anglers need to perform basic service on both spinning and casting reels. With help from overhead camera views and step-by-step tips, Giles and DeRose will demonstrate ways that anglers can maintain their reels in the convenience of their own homes. The hosts will also detail Shimano’s reel repair services that are available across North America.

Shimano invites viewers to post questions to the Facebook and YouTube live streams, while Giles and DeRose provide the answers needed to help viewers maintain and service their reels. Shimano School is in session starting at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, November 23.


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