Now Available – Daiwa’s Technique-Specific TATULA XT Bass Rods

Cypress, CA – With more and more bass anglers relying on technique-specific rods to quickly grab the necessary set-up with a different bait for changing situations, Daiwa offers an affordable way to have an array of rods rigged and ready with the new Tatula XT bass rod series. Available at select tackle shops for $99.99 (USD), the Tatula XT rods – designed for both savvy anglers and those just discovering the added thrill of tournament bass fishing – include nine casting and six spinning models for everything from finesse baits in clear water to casting frogs with heavy braided line in thick cover.

Six spinning models
Nine casting models

“While we realize many have that one go-to rod for use with their go-to lure, the new Tatula XT rods will enable bass anglers to expand their bass rod arsenal with a series loaded with proven Daiwa rod construction,” said Daiwa’s Marc Mills. “At its $99.99 price, there’s the right Tatula XT rod for those just discovering the thrill of tournament bass fishing, and also for those savvy anglers expanding their tackle assortment, so they’re ready to grab and cast the right lure when the forward-facing sonar shows them a nice fish to entice.”

The model lineup ranges from the Tatula XT731MHFB, a versatile 7-foot-3-inch casting rod, to the 7-foot-6-inch extra-heavy power Tatula XT76XHFB casting rod for flipping and pitching and for use with a heavy Carolina-rig. On the spinning side, “we’re thinking the 7-foot-1 Tatula XT711MLXS will find a home on many boat decks so you’re ready with a drop-shot rig or to work a Neko bait,” Mills said. “If the situat calls for a bigger soft plastics or a wacky rig, check out the Tatula 7-foot XT701MHFS.”

With design features showcased on its proven Tatula Elite bass rods, the Tatula XT rods include lightweight and powerful HVF (High Volume Fiber) graphite blank technology, X45 Bias and Braiding-X blank construction to prevent rod twist for longer casts, added sensitivity, and more hook-setting power. The series also includes two glass blank casting rods designed ideally for medium to larger size crankbaits and bladed jigs.

Both the Tatula XT casting and spinning rods feature ‘JDM’ EVA-style split grips and Daiwa’s exclusive light and sensitive Tatula carbon nut reel seat. A two-piece spinning rod is offered for travel/storage convenience.

“Everything in the bass fishing world is seeing growth – the major professional bass fishing circuits are seeing success from anglers from nearly every state and from a large influx of contenders from Canada, Japan and other countries, and the number of anglers competing in the high school and college bass tournaments continues to amaze,” notes Mills. “And while recent economic challenges find us being prudent with funds for the fun things in life, the fact we’re able to rely on Daiwa’s global abilities to bring both performance and value to these new Tatula XT rods is a bonus to bass anglers everywhere.”

TATULA XT Bass Rod (Overview)

Daiwa introduces the new Tatula XT freshwater rods for both savvy anglers and those just discovering the added thrill of tournament bass fishing. The lineup offers technique-specific rods for a wide assortment of situations in nine casting and six spinning models. Proven rod construction features include lightweight and powerful HVF graphite blank technology, Braiding-X for increased hoop strength and X45 Bias construction for minimal blank twist – which provides advantages to the angler when hooked-up – EVA-style split grips and Daiwa’s exclusive light and sensitive Tatula carbon nut reel seat. The series includes two glass blank cranking models and one all-around two-piece spinning model for travel/storage convenience. MSRP: $99.99 (USD).

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