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No Breaks, Just Thanks

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Of the 365 days in a year, did you know that there are only two without a major professional sports game? That’s my calculation, anyway.

By “major” sport, I mean Major League Baseball, NFL football, NBA basketball or NHL hockey.

For 363 days, I figure there’s at least one game being played in at least one of those sports. Most days, there’s more than one.

The two days without a major sports game? They happened a couple of weeks ago — the day before and the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

You could even argue that the day before the All-Star Game shouldn’t be counted because that’s the day of the Home Run Derby … but I digress.

In the fishing world, we have no off days or off seasons. We might take a day or two away from the water, the office or the shop, but we do so at our peril, knowing that we’re losing out on some opportunity somewhere.

We shift from season to season. Trout season to bass season. Ice fishing to ice-out.

The closest thing to an industry holiday is the week after ICAST. It’s such a grueling week for those who exhibit there, who walk the aisles and who make business decisions based on what they see, that those who can often take a vacation after the show.

I know this because my email volume falls off precipitously. It’s tough to get manufacturers on the phone, and except for the promotion of products that won Best of Show at ICAST, even the marketing slows down.

If you’re on the manufacturing or media sides of the industry, it’s a chance to take a breather.

But in the world of tackle retail, there are no breaks … just transitions. Just more challenges and more opportunities. More openings and closings. More profits and losses. More highs and lows.

It reminds me a little of when I was in high school, living in rural South Carolina. My family lived on a farm. When I wasn’t helping to take care of our Angus herd, I was working up the road at a dairy — milking cows and doing all the stuff you have to do every single day of the year to keep a dairy going.

The cows don’t care if you need a day off. They don’t care if you’re sick. They don’t care if the fish are tearing it up and you want to be on the water.

Day after day after day, you must be there.

Running a tackle shop is like that.

So, if you’re a tackle retailer, thank you! That doesn’t get said enough, but it’s sincere.

Most of the manufacturers I know would say the same thing, feel the same way. It’s certainly true of those who advertise with FTR. They understand your importance and appreciate your role and efforts. They use FTR to speak directly to you.

It’s funny how the thought of ICAST and feeling the need to take a break brought me full circle to the retail shop owners and workers who rarely get one.

Thank you for your investment, commitment and passion for our sport and our industry.

It doesn’t work without you.