New Tungsten Jigs Now Available

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Since day one, Northland Fishing Tackle® has been ahead of the curve with dynamic bait designs that flat-out catch fish. Mindfulness of trends and unbridled innovation have driven the company to some incredible successes.

To welcome their new tungsten jighead campaign, Northland is proud to introduce the Tungsten Jig and Short-Shank Tungsten Jig. Made from eco-friendly heavyweight tungsten, their heads are 30% more dense when compared to lead, and consequently smaller and more sensitive. They fish like reading braille with your rod, reel, and line combo—every subtlety of the bottom and the slightest fish bump or bite telegraphed immediately. And, at 30% smaller in volume compared to lead, you can get by fishing a lighter jig than you would with a lead counterpart, leading to a more finesse-centered presentation that simply catches more fish.

Both jigs feature a premium, sticky-sharp Mustad Ultra-Point Hook and dual hook keepers that lock soft plastics and live bait in place. Given the cost of quality live bait and the hassle of continually adjusting soft plastics, this dual hook keeper design is a godsend.

Widely available, the Northland’s new Tungsten Jig and Short-Shank Tungsten Jig come in three sizes and eight colors—1/8-, ¼-, and 3/8-ounce with size 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0 hooks respectively. Proven, fish-catching patterns include Gold Shiner, Firetiger, Parrot, Bubblegum, Glo Moonlight, Sunrise, Parakeet, and Glo Watermelon. The jigs are available in two packs with an MSRP of $6.99. Higher quantity packs will be available soon, to include: 1/8-ounce Tungsten Jigs five per card for $18.99; ¼-ounce in a pack of five for $19.99; and 3/8-ounce in a pack of four for $19.99.

ABOUT Northland® Fishing Tackle

In 1975, a young Northwoods fishing guide named John Peterson started pouring jigs and tying tackle for his clients in a small remote cabin in northern Minnesota. The lures were innovative, made with high quality components, and most importantly, were catching fish when no other baits were working! Word spread like wildfire, the phone started ringing… and the Northland Fishing Tackle® brand was in hot demand! For 40 years now, John and the Northland® team have been designing, testing and perfecting an exclusive line of products that catch fish like no other brand on the market today. Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons for crappies, bluegills, perch, walleyes, bass, trout, northern pike and muskies.