What’s new at ICAST 2020? The virtual booths are packed with new products for consumers to get excited about and retailers to plan on stocking. This month, FTR is breaking down some of the key players and bringing their products out of the booths for you to see. Next up, terminal tackle.

Terminal Tackle is brought to you by the new Plano EDGE™ 3600 Terminal . The Plano EDGE™ 3600 Terminal box takes customizable organization one step farther with special enhancements for small items and specialized tackle. Hooks, weights, floats, swivels, pins, and any other odds and ends now have a place to live in your tackle system.

Eagle Claw: Lazer Sharp Pro-Series Avid Kits

Avid bass anglers have a whole new option to quickly fill their tackle boxes with the best Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp tackle. The new Pro-Series Avid Kits make it easy to stock up on quality technique-specific tackle staples. Working in partnership with YUM baits, Eagle Claw and YUM hand-selected the most popular terminal tackle and soft baits for bass fishing and combined them into three unique kits. The LPSKIT1 Finesse/Neko and Wacky Kit contains the latest Pro-V L137 Needlepoint finesse hooks and time-tested L097 Wacky hooks. Add 5-inch YUM Dingers, finesse nail weights, and wacky O-rings, and you’ve got a winning combination. The LPSKIT3 Finesse/Ned Jig Kit contains the latest LNJ Pro-V series of Finesse jigs with 3-inch YUM Dingers. Even timid bass won’t be able to resist this finesse presentation! The LPSKIT4 Drop Shot Kit will have bass attacking the YUM Sharpshooter and Warning Shots and they’re sure to get hooked on the new L6 Drop Shot Hook. Cylinder drop shot weights in 1/8- and 3/16-ounce add to the well-rounded assortment. All three kits have an MSRP of $14.99.

Eagle Claw: Lazer Sharp Saltwater In-line Circle Hook Rigs

Lazer Sharp’s new Striped Bass and Shark Inline Circle Rigs feature 100 percent, new regulation-compliant, American-made inline circle hooks. As catch and release becomes more popular among anglers, gentle fish handling is becoming increasingly important. Studies have shown as high as a 48% mortality rate on released fish hooked deep in the throat. Inline circle hooks have been proven to reduce fatal injuries, decreasing the mortality rate by hooking the fish in the corner of the mouth in the majority of hook sets. The Lazer Sharp Striped Bass Inline Circle Rigs are tied with 100% regulation approved American-made fish hooks, offering the angler peace of mind in efforts to conserve their fisheries. These rigs are offered in a variety of styles and hook sizes to accommodate different style of fishing and different sizes and styles of bait.

Eagle Claw: Pro-V Teardrop Jig

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp introduces the new LSTDPV Pro-V Teardrop Jig series. These jigs are fitted with American-made L570V Pro-V Needlepoint Jig hooks to provide greater penetration and holding power than a standard round bend jig hook. The hydrodynamic head design allows a faster fall rate and prevents tangling in weeds by allowing the jig to slip through obstacles easier than a round-ball head jig. Pro-V Teardrop Jigs are painted using a premium chip resistant paint and feature 3-D holographic eyes. The metal barb is longer than average, helping to secure soft plastics or giving anglers the option to tie on their favorite bucktails. Available in retail packs of five.

Eagle Claw: Trokar TK608 and TK608V

To complement the popular Lazer Sharp L608 Spinnerbait Hook, Eagle Claw now offers several new American-made offerings to complete the family. The Trokar TK608 is a round bend complement to the L608, adding the Trokar point to the already super-effective L608 profile and dependable Lazer Sharp hook point. Trokar’s patented surgically-sharpened technology and premium American steel give anglers access to elite grade hooks for creating their ideal spinnerbaits at a time when many anglers want to engage with their hobby in new ways. Also released this year are Pro-V versions of the spinnerbait hooks in both Lazer Sharp (L608V) and Trokar (TK608V) options. These hooks feature the best characteristics of the L608 but with the Pro-V Bend for maximum holding power.

Eagle Claw: Ultimate Tackle Kits

Fish of all types have met their match with the new Eagle Claw Ultimate Tackle Kits. Each kit contains an assortment of tackle to target a variety of species. Novice and experienced anglers alike will appreciate the value and quality of these kits for all their fishing needs. Four kits comprise this assortment:

  • Ultimate Terminal Tackle Kit
  • Ultimate Bass Tackle Kit
  • Ultimate Trout Tackle Kit
  • Ultimate Saltwater Tackle Kit

Each kit contains American-made hooks as well as an assortment of swivels, sinkers, floats, rigs, snells, and other terminal tackle. All kits have an MSRP of $24.99.

Gamakatsu: Gika Rig

Gamakatsu: G-Power Heavy Cover Flip & Punch Hook

Bass fishing innovation is nothing new to professional angler and Gamakatsu pro Aaron Martens. With Aaron’s brilliant insight, Gamakatsu has developed the new G-Power Heavy Cover Flip & Punch Hook. A step up from the G Finesse Heavy Cover Hook, the newly designed heavy style is the ultimate in-between hook for heavy to super heavy cover.

The TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) hook, paired with its welded eye, make this hook the strongest in Gamakatsu’s G Series lineup. The hook has a shortened point length, providing less hook exposure in heavy cover; however, it leaves an ample amount of the hook exposed to penetrate through the biggest of bass mouths.

The G-Power Heavy Cover Flip & Punch Hook comes in sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 and is complemented by the Nano Smooth Coating finish.

Gamakatsu: Spin Bait Hook

Walleye anglers across the Midwest have become dependent upon the spin-style hooks for walleye rigs. This deadly and extremely effective style of fishing was founded in South Dakota decades ago and has since evolved into a top tournament winning strategy across the Midwest.

The unique bend of Gamakatsu’s Spin Bait Hook allows it to spin at slow speeds, which comes into play when anglers are up against a cold front or heavy fishing pressure. The reduced resistance provided by the Nano Smooth Coat finish means the Spin Bait Hook penetrates faster and surer, hooking the lightest biters. Gamakatsu has added one of its own swivels that is independent of the hook, giving this hook more freedom to spin while reducing line twist. It comes in a variety of sizes from 4 to 1/0.

Gamakatsu: Superline Offset Round Bend Hook

Offset worm hooks have been around for years and have proven to be extremely effective when fishing Carolina or Texas rigs into thick cover. The offset keeps the worm running true through the water column, presenting the bait naturally while protecting the point from debris when rigged properly.

Gamakatsu’s new Superline Offset Round Bend Hook is designed with a heavier Superline wire best suited for braided and fluorocarbon lines, enabling anglers to fish a finesse worm rig in the heaviest of cover. The round bend offers a larger bite area perfect for any worm presentation while increasing your hookup ratios. The newly-enhanced Z-Bend holds your plastics on the hook longer, reducing pull-offs. It comes in sizes from 2/0 to 5/0.

Gamakatsu: Superline Swivel 

Gamakatsu is approaching terminal tackle with the same attention to detail that makes their hooks superior. Their new swivels are built to the same precision tolerances, giving anglers the high quality that they expect from Gamakatsu. Top of the line components create a swivel that provides stealth presentations, with strength far beyond its size.

The Japanese-made Superline Swivel offers a superior strength-to-size ratio and an NSB (nickel silver black) coating is applied for a stealthy finish that resists corrosion in fresh or saltwater. Swivels are available in sizes 10 to 1, with break strengths of 35 to 330 pounds. Whether you chase bluegill or bigeye, Gamakatsu has a swivel for you.

Gamakatsu: Under Spin Head 

The Under Spin Head has what serious anglers look for in a hook. The hook is ideal for winching magnum-sized bucketmouths out of heavy cover and is ideal when you want to apply maximum pressure without fear of a bending out the hook. The premium Gamakatsu Heavy Cover, 60-degree hook on the Under Spin Head is just what the doctor ordered for heavy braid or fluorocarbon line and can stand up to anything you can dish out. The head profile is streamlined to glide through heavy cover. A Spring Lock holds swim baits and other plastics gently but firmly and keeps them straight on the hook. 

Attention-getting, recessed eyes on the Under Spin Eye provide a focal point for predators and the small, chrome willow leaf blade is a subtle trigger. Hung from a quality ball-bearing swivel, the blade spins freely at even the slowest retrieves to simulate baitfish.

Missile Baits: NedBall Head

The NedBall Head is the solution for Ned Rig anglers looking for a simple yet different head design with a hook that locks fish on. The NedBall Head is a simple round ball head design with a flat spot on the bottom to keep it upright. It uses a 1/0, 90-degree VMC Techset jig hook on the business end. A cone-shaped keeper keeps your soft plastic locked on the head. Size options are 1/16-, 1/8-, and 3/16-ounce. Color options for each size include black, green pumpkin, and plain. It’s sold three to a pack with a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Thundermist Lure Company: Zip-Line Sinker Slides

A sinker slide like never before, the new Zip-Line has an internal roller which “rolls” along fishing line, offering no resistance and thus, no line wear. It’s part of Thundermist’s “Perfect Series” line of tackle. It’s comprised of high-strength material, so it’s great for all line types and in both fresh and saltwater. The camo green color won’t spook fish, and the special extra-wide, black nickel sinker snap accommodates a variety of sinkers, including wide neck bank sinkers. MSRP $3.99 for a three-pack.