New Soft Head Trolling Lures from HI-SEAS!

HI-SEAS Soft-Head trolling lures provide a revolutionary breakthrough in blue water fishing. The holographic heads are made from a special resin formula engineered to be dense, crystal clear, and mildly soft with a neutral eye. Each lure is hand-made and assembled in Portugal. The softness creates a more realistic sensation to Marlin and other big game fish when they strike it, resulting in faster hook-ups and less thrown baits. These lures were designed from years of tournament fishing experience and championships, and when rigged properly and set in the right trolling pattern, they will deliver world-class results. An added benefit of the soft head design is that it is less brittle and easier to handle than the hard head lures which easily crack or shatter when they are dropped.

For more information, call and speak to a sales representative: 1-800-824-9473 or 1-610-466-6100.