New SIZMIC Grub Catches More Fish

Fort Atkinson, WI: There are few times in fishing when a “game changing” bait comes along. Years ago- it was Pork, so it comes as no surprise that Uncle Josh, the originators of pork, have now developed a plastic bait in their Kalin’s SIZMIC Line, the SIZMIC-Grub, that will put more fish in the boat whether you are a tournament angler or a weekend warrior.

The unique shape of the grub begins with a ribbed bulky front section that disrupts water so fish can “home-in” on it even in cloudy water. At the mid-section a round ball acts as a “hinge” that helps the rear swim-bait style section pulsate. The combination drives fish CRAZY!

The new SIZMIC-Grub is available in four sizes: 2-inch, 3-inch, 3.8-inch and 4.8-inch, so whether a person is looking for slab crappies, stubborn snook, bass, or monster muskies, there is a size that will accommodate any angler.

The SIZMIC-Grub, is really a hybrid lure, combining all the key ingredients that get fish to bite.

“We wanted a bait that could work for drop-shoting smallmouth on the great lakes to one that could catch crappies on your local pond,” said Matt Bichanich, Uncle Josh’s National Sales Manager. “We looked at all the factors in what makes people get bit on grubs, gobies, swim baits, and more, and packed all the fish-catching factors into one great bait.”

Put it on a swim jig. Rig several on an Alabama rig. Drop-shot it. Throw it on a jig for crappies. Cast the mangroves for snook and reds. This one bait replaces several others all in one package. That means VALUE for every angler because you don’t need several different baits to accomplish the one goal we all have as anglers: CATCH MORE FISH.

The SIZMIC-Grub is gently poured in 10 awesome colors so it can “match the hatch” for every lake, ocean, or steam across the world. And as always, like all Kalin’s offerings, it rigs easy and casts great.

The game has changed. Don’t forget to add this all-in-one bait to your tackle assembly this year- and why not buy some for the old man? He took you fishing once so keep him (or mom too) up to speed on the latest and greatest tackle the market has to offer? If your local bait shop doesn’t carry them- ASK WHY?


Uncle Josh Fishing Bait Company has upheld a tradition of providing the best fishing lures and fishing bait to fishermen around the country. From the Pacific to the Atlantic and all the lakes, rivers and streams between, Uncle Josh’s fishing bait has been helping anglers catch more fish for decades. Ever since our humble beginnings in 1922, Uncle Josh has been staffed by real fishermen with a passion for fishing.