New Self-Demonstration Packaging Helps You Sell T-REIGN Retractable Gear Tethers

A key component in T-REIGN Retractable Gear Tethers, which so effectively secure vital gear, is the rugged Kevlar cord and its retraction force. But packed in a typical clam card, it’s not visible to your customers. Now, T-REIGN has solved that with innovative new packaging that provides self-demonstration for some of their key models.

Many models now have a tag that invites the customer to PULL HERE, to actually experience the extension and retraction of the Kevlar tether and realize how it can make you confident you will never lose your gear again. This is especially important in their new Plier ProSheath Combo clam card. It can convert an interested looker into an active buyer.

The expanding line of T-REIGN products includes not only the new Plier ProSheath Combo and the ProLink to secure smartphones; there is also the full range of basic tethers and a selection of ProCases for larger gear, such as range finders and GPS systems, all backed by a lifetime Service Policy.

For more information about the full T-REIGN line, visit their web site,