New School Trout Fishing Boat

Old Town, ME – TV journalist and angler Tom Brokaw once said, “If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church.” In the liturgical sense, okay, there are a few dogmatists on the stream. But what Brokaw was getting at is how fly fishing can be a form of meditation. We venture far off the well-traveled path, wading through spectacular geology, eyes glassing the next riffle, run or pool. Our brains focus and forget; hours disappear in voluntary amnesia. Later, in darkness, we re-emerge from briar and bramble, shedding waders, our muscles fatigued, spirits refreshed.

Other memorable days have found us flogging banks and undercuts for big browns or cutties in drift boats. Sure, drift boats have their place—especially on larger trout waters—but it’s hard to row and cast at the same time. Even our best buddies aren’t always available at a moment’s notice. And fishing from a drift boat can be a challenge on smaller rivers and streams.

The good news is anglers have discovered a new way to reach idyllic trout habitat beyond the typical walk and wade or drift boat routine. Called the Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota, the revolutionary watercraft features 45 lbs. of saltwater-grade Minn Kota power and Digital Maximizer technology for all-day motoring and hands-free fishing.

Given its impressive performance in current, the Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota makes fly fishing swift waters a whole new contemplative quest: motor far from any easement, fish from the boat or wade, drift flies where others have not, and consider what’s around the next river bend.

Watch the guys from Arkansas’ Eternity Outdoors do just that in the above video titled “Swift Waters.”