New Products from Googan Squad & Catch Co. launch to Excite Googan Fans for 2023 Fishing Season

CHICAGO – The Googan Squad and Catch Co., two of the premier brands in the fishing industry, proudly introduced several innovative new products for 2023. These products are set to bring another season of excitement to the fishing community and Googan fans nationwide. New products include the Googan Squad Bumper, a double Colorado blade spinnerbait, and the Googan Squad Rival glide bait, designed to help catch big bass. Additionally, the companies also launched several new rods in their line up, including the Googan Squad Micro Series line of rods, the Go-To Spinning Rod and the Googan Squad Muscle XL rod, to address all of the specific segments and needs of a wide range of anglers.  Rounding out the largest ever Googan and Catch Co. collaboration drop are new tools, new sizes and new Flamin’ Hot colorways of existing favorites.

The Googan Squad Bumper is a double Colorado blade spinnerbait designed to thrive in cold or dirty water. It features a hand-tied skirt fastened around a sticky sharp Mustad hook and a double trailer keeper for soft plastic trailers. This bait can be reeled at slower speeds than a willow bladed spinnerbait, and thumps hard to attract bass to its desired presentation. To help prevent line slippage, the Bumper also features a pre-rigged rubber knot stopper to keep your line from sneaking down the wire of the bait.  The Googan Squad Bumper provides an alternative option to the Googan Squad Zinger, which is equipped with a willow and Colorado blade for higher visibility water, warmer conditions, and faster presentations.

The Googan Squad Rival glide bait has a single jointed, 2-piece body that smoothly glides side to side in an S-shaped motion with short turns of the reel. The bait is equipped with 3X thick-wire treble hooks and rotating hook hangers to help keep fish from shaking free. With a Rate of Fall (ROF) of 5.5ft, anglers can experiment with retrieve cadence to find what triggers strikes.  The Googan Squad Rival comes in 5 unique fish-catching colors.

“We love being able to work with the Googan Squad to help bring their product ideas to life” Said Ross Gordon, Founder & CEO of Catch Co. “This is our first product drop of this size since we launched the Googan Squad Rods and I think Googan Fans will be pumped.”

The Googan Squad Bumper and the Googan Squad Rival glide bait, as well as the Go To Spinning Rods in both Green and Gold Series, The Micro Rods in both Green and Gold Series and the Googan Squad Gold Series Muscle XL rod are available to purchase right now on

About The Catch Company

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The Googan Squad was formed in 2016 by a group of top YouTube personalities who wanted to disrupt the fishing industry. Their goal is simple: to create the absolute highest-quality fishing content, products, and apparel in the market. Paired with an unmatched presence in new media the #GooganTakeover began. The Googan Squad is comprised of Rob Terkla (LunkersTV), Justin Rackley (LakeForkGuy), Jon Barzacchini (Jon B.), Andrew Flair (FLAIR), Loren Johnson (Lojo Fishing) & Mike Hsiao (1Rod1Reel). The Googan HQ is located in Krum, TX and features a full retail store. Fans around the world can explore everything Googan at & check out their full catalog of videos at