New Product: THE DOT

FlowTek, Inc has released a new product for fishing in murky water or low-light conditions. THE DOT, which comes in a lip-balm like container is designed to charge its’ contents using solar energy or a flashlight. THE DOT can sustain several hours of glow from under thirty minutes in the sunlight, or an hour long glow from four minutes under a flashlight.

Whether you use flies or lures, attract more fish with THE DOT utilizing AquaGloTM dressing.  Expose THE DOT tube to natural or artificial light for 30 minutes, then use a toothpick to apply a single dab to the bend or eyelet of a hook.  After activation, THE DOT will glow for 5 hours.  It’s great for attracting fish, particularly in low light or murky conditions, in any type of water.  THE DOT is non-toxic and has unlimited shelf life.  Suggested retail of $7.95 per tube; minimum order a display box of 36.  Available from FlowTek, Inc.