New Pro’s V-T2 Livewell System “Essential” for Fish Health

In the 21st century, it is not difficult to convince tournament anglers the need for live release: Far too often however, the fish are not being released in the best health. New Pro’s V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System, designed by a biologist and tournament angler, makes keeping fish healthy very easy.

Guides, bass tournament anglers, and marina managers know that dead bass often surface in the vicinity of release sites during the days following tournaments. Unfortunately, as livewell stress factors such as increased water temperature, trapped carbon dioxide, and inadequate oxygen impact the largest fish the most, many of the post tournament dead bass have been larger female fish that the lucky angler assumed rejoined the lake’s bass population. From a sport, or a conservation perspective, this is a travesty, and there is a lot of misinformation regarding the care of caught bass. And let’s be honest, caring for caught fish is not the number one topic of discussion when it comes to “dock talk”. Nor is this a problem easily solved by throwing money at it, because all livewells to this point have had a fundamental design flaw that has never been addressed.

The livewell was developed to accomplish two things; to keep fish alive in a captive environment, until which time the fish could be weighed, and released; or kept captive until the fish could be processed for food. That first parameter, keeping the fish captive, but accessible, indicated that the design be an inboard tank with a hinged lid for security. The problem with this seemingly straightforward design, is that it minimizes the critical process of livewell air circulation.

The V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System, mimics the natural processes which occur in lakes and streams. The only moving part required, is the boat itself. Its simple, yet critically engineered design utilizes passive and ram technologies to insure oxygen transfer aerates the well, causing the water to cool naturally; and it expels harmful CO2, and ammonia produced by your fish, eliminating these stress factors, and producing water quality worthy of the name “livewell”!

Easily installed in the livewell lid, the V-T2 has received both design and a utility patents demonstrating its function, and is the only modification your livewell needs to work as originally envisioned. Now, anglers can put fish in their livewell, concentrate on my fishing, and not worry about their health.

2015 FLW Anger of the Year Scott Martin feels that way, and bass anglers aren’t the only ones reaping these benefits. David Jones, 2014 Crappie USA National Champion, credits the V-T2 for ensuring a close victory. Rick Bracken, catfish tournament angler and guide, considers the V-T2 essential for keeping a livewell full of big blue catfish alive. Walleye anglers, and now, saltwater fishermen are taking advantage of the V-T2. Every day more anglers utilize New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System to manage their fish care. If we are to continue to grow our sport, today’s sportsmen shoulder the responsibility of protecting our fish and returning them to nature as healthy possible.

Toward that end, the V-T2 is an essential tool for conserving our resource for generations to come.