Primmus Xi

New Pinnacle Primmus® Xi Hand Tuned Baitcast Reel

IRVINE, Calif., – Anglers who routinely fish hard and long now have an exciting new choice in featherweight reels made for the way they fish. The Pinnacle Tournament Class Primmus™ Xi Hand Tuned Baitcast Reel weighs in at an amazing 5.8 ounces, yet offers all the strength and performance hardcore anglers expect from a top-of-the-line Pinnacle reel.

With its revolutionary design and strategic use of advanced materials, the Primmus Xi is significantly lighter and tougher than other reels in its class. Its extreme light weight enables an angler to fish longer and stronger, with less fatigue, for enhanced focus and productivity at all times. It also balances perfectly with today’s lightweight bass rods, for superior sensitivity at the point of attack.

This sleek new baitcast reel was meticulously designed from the ground up with two goals in mind: to maximize durability, and to eliminate all excess weight. Its powerful X-Bone 2.0 metal frame weighs 30% less than earlier versions, yet is highly effective in neutralizing the stress of combat. The lightweight REF2 carbon fiber sidecovers are incredibly rugged, designed to maintain full structural integrity, allowing the internals to align flawlessly.

Both the spool and the complete drive train of the Primmus Xi are made of tough aircraft-grade Duralumin. Extremely light and strong, this advanced material helps keep overall weight low, and performance high.

Notably, Pinnacle has opted to re-install its traditional 6-pin centrifugal cast control in the Primmus Xi. This proven system offers more brake settings than typical magnetic systems; which allows anglers throwing finesse baits or other light lures to cast with amazing precision even in windy conditions.

The Primmus Xi is equipped with Pinnacle’s powerful multi-stack carbon drag system, proven to resist slipping and chattering even under heavy pressure. Ten double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, plus one roller bearing, set the stage for smooth long-term operation; and with its quick 6.3:1 gear ratio, the Primmus Xi is built to handle a wide range of techniques and presentations.

Every Primmus Xi is manually inspected and individually hand-tuned before it leaves the factory, to ensure optimum out-of-the-box performance. The reel arrives pre-primed for precision operation—ready to spool up and fish.

With its elegant gunmetal matte finish trimmed in red, the lightweight Primmus Xi is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. The purchase includes a one-time free factory tune-up, redeemable over the life of the reel.

Primmus Xi


Primmus Xi Hand Tuned

Model #BearingsGear RatioWeight (oz.)Line Capacity
10/140, 12/120

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