A New Look for Fishing Tackle Retailer Online

If you’re reading this, you might be noticing something unusual about our website. Things…are…different.

But what does this mean for you? Well, some things have changed; other things have not.

For more than 35 years, Fishing Tackle Retailer has provided top-notch business information to the fishing retail industry. That has not changed.

But the way FTR delivers that business information to you is.

The way we view it, each of us is a member of an ever-changing, global fishing family.

After all, angling is an ancient art form. Plato and Aristotle wrote of fishing the waters of Greece more than 4,000 years ago. And archeologists have dated shell hooks to as old as 23,000 years. The debate rages as to whether or not Plato’s Academy sold live bait, but there’s no debating that the world has continued to change and evolve as the art of fishing grew within it.

We think the new FTR.com is another step in the evolution of the fishing industry.

The last century of fishing brought our community new technology and improvements—trolling motors, aluminum and fiberglass boats, monofilament and many high-quality fishing publications to entertain our imaginations when the water was just a little too far away.

Now, as the 21st century comes into full swing our community is transforming once again. Plato could have hardly imagined some of the inventions that are changing the sport today—GPS, underwater cameras, weather apps—all connected to our mobile devices.

But just as many other tools of the trade have become linked to our mobile device, so too have our fishing publications.

That is what has landed you here on our fully redesigned website.

On the surface, this website takes the high-quality imagery and information that FTR has always delivered in print and brought that excellence online. And you can bet we are truly excited to bring that quality to you—our readers.

But we haven’t stopped there.

Hidden under this glossy surface lies some powerful technology, which ensures that no matter where you are—or what you’re reading on—this site is going to work for you. That technology is called responsive design. And if you’re near a smart phone or tablet, go ahead, load the site up and try it out.

Whether you’re reading our latest business advice on your iPhone, browsing a conservation feature with a tablet, or researching new product to put on your store shelves on a desktop computer, FTR.com will adapt to you.

And that’s really the point of it all. You.

Our staff wanted to make FTR.com your best resource for fishing retail news on the internet. Right now, we think we’re off to a nice start. How about you? Let us know in the comments section below.