New G. Loomis Euro Nymphing Rod Debut at ICAST 2022

G. Loomis rods enable success by boosting anglers’ natural ability in any setting where a fly is cast. True disciples of modern euro nymphing require specialized tools with innovative actions and components configured to satisfy a set of unique tactical demands – like the G. Loomis IMX-PROe. At ICAST 2022, G. Loomis will introduce the newest member of the IMX-PROe family – a 10’, 3-weight rod – designed for euro nymphing anglers stalking fish in small creeks.

G. Loomis handcrafts all IMX-PROe rods using high-modulus, high-strength graphite fibers and advanced GL7 nanotechnology resin to yield a light, sensitive, and durable blank. Exclusive Conduit Core Technology creates a thinner blank to reduce its overall weight while providing additional reinforcement with strategic scrim placement to yield precise tapers and technique-specific flex. Each IMX-PROe rod incorporates proprietary Multi-Taper Design to enhance durability while further decreasing the blank’s weight. A series of “micro tapers” within the overall taper of the rod, G. Loomis’ innovative Multi-Taper Design process enables rod engineers to use more material on potential stress points and less material everywhere else. The result is a library of precisely defined rod lengths, powers, and actions that strike the perfect balance between durability and performance.

Additional refinements continue along the length of each IMX-PROe: The cork handle is slender and provides a comfortable grip for anglers that hold the rod close to the reel. The hook keeper is relocated forward on the rod to allow anglers to cradle the blank with their forefinger for increased feel and sensitivity. Thoughtfully designed guide placement, starting at the stripper guide, eliminates line droops and sags and ensures full contact between the line and the guides.

The new 10’, 3-weight rod keeps as much line off the water as possible as the angler guides the fly down current, watching for a strike. Then, the sensitive tip and moderate power midsection provide a positive hookset, absorb the fight, and land fish in tight quarters. Indeed, the benefits of Multi-Taper Design are on full display in the IMX-PROe, creating a flexible and forgiving tip section, second and third sections with more lifting power, and a butt section that draws fish the angler’s hand.

With a moderate flex pattern and generous power through the bottom half of the blank, the G. Loomis IMX-PROe loads easily for improved casting accuracy without sacrificing the “oomph” behind the hookset. Premium construction and components round out the feature set in this purpose-driven euro nymphing powerhouse. The new 10’, 3-weight, 4-piece IMX-PROe (IMX-PRO E 3100-4) is featured in the Fly Fishing Rod category in the ICAST New Product Showcase, and has an MSRP of $575. Learn more about all of the exceptional rods from G. Loomis by visiting Booth 2244 at ICAST 2022.

IMX-PROe Features

  • Conduit Core Technology
  • Chrome Single-Foot Guides
  • Chrome Stripper Guides
  • Multi-Taper Design
  • Hook Keeper
  • Micro Full Wells Premium Grade Cork Grip
  • Custom Aluminum Reel Seat with Rood Insert
  • Tube and Cloth Rod Bag
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

About G. Loomis

We exist to heighten angler experience through creating tools that expand tactical opportunity, boost effectiveness, and enhance natural ability. We develop solutions for experienced hands, designed to complement capability. We strive to expand what’s possible to achieve the unattainable. Our DNA is comprised of three equal parts: Technology, Innovation, and Design. Since 1982, we’ve contributed innovative materials and manufacturing technology to the angling community. Examples include early graphite construction, advanced guide trains, Multi-Taper Design and advanced resin systems.