The Baby D Bomb

New From Missile Baits

Salem, Va. – Missile Baits has expanded on its very popular D Bomb flipping bait to produce a smaller version called the Baby D Bomb. The new bait is 3.65″ long versus the 4.5″ standard size D Bomb. The smaller bait will have all the same applications that D Bomb has including pitching, flipping, punching, and a jig trailer BUT more. The Baby D Bomb will be deadly on a shaky head. It will be offered in 8 colors including some hot colors like Super Bug and Lovebug but also a new one in Desert Storm. The Baby D Bomb should be ready for delivery in September.

The Baby D Bomb

“The Baby D Bomb is going to be ridiculous,” states company owner, John Crews. “When testing this bait, it seemed like a fish would swim across the creek to eat it. It is also going to be so versatile that I know lots of anglers will catch loads of fish with it and do so in a bunch of different ways. I will have one on at all times.”

New colors are also coming out in the Fuse 4.4 and the D Bomb. The D Bomb will add Green Pumpkin Blue and Desert Storm, which is a swirl color of green pumpkin with gold shimmer and orange. The Fuse 4.4 will gain the colors Green Pumpkin Blue and the unique Purple-Ish that features a smoke base with a purple clear vein in the bottom and some light red flake.

The Baby D Bomb

“Customers have been asking for lots of new colors so we had to give everyone something they can catch fish on,” explains pro angler, John Crews. “Desert Storm looks just like crawfish in a bunch of areas around the country and Green Pumpkin Blue is a must have color. The new twist color, Purple-Ish, was designed by Ish Monroe. It is going to be awesome for clear water, especially up north.”

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