New from Aqua-Vu: The Strike-Vu In-Line Camera

Crosslake, MN – The moment of truth has arrived: That split second when location, presentation — and perhaps a bit of luck — converge to convert a following fish into a savage killer. Nothing beats the excitement of watching a fish commit to a bait, and underwater video is the easiest way to capture and preserve the attack that initiates the battle. At ICAST 2021, Aqua-Vu — the industry leader in underwater viewing solutions – introduced Strike-Vu: An in-line, high-definition camera that offers a unique underwater perspective on fish behavior and strikes.

Providing an eye-to-eye perspective of the fish, the new Strike-Vu Camera from Aqua-Vu captures all the underwater excitement of striking fish in colorful high-definition video. The Strike-Vu’s unique design makes it ideal for capturing compelling video clips while trolling, casting, jigging, drop-shotting, bottom fishing, and many other strike-provoking presentations. With Strike-Vu, anglers can see precise lure action, fish interacting with their baits, and of course, the bite.

Professional angler and Florida bass specialist Joe Balog loves the perspective that Strike-Vu brings to his angling adventures. “The biggest thing with this type of application is what anglers will learn from the fishing experience as a whole. We all base our opinions and ideas on what we see with our eyes during a day of fishing, and Strike-Vu offers a unique way to see what’s actually happening beneath the surface.”

The Aqua-Vu Strike-Vu system is packed with features that make it the best underwater camera in its class. A built-in 32-GB hard drive records underwater action in 3-minute clips, for up to 4 ½ hours of exciting, educational video. A magnetic, waterproof USB connection interfaces with a computer or other device for video file management and transfer. The same cable charges the integrated lithium-Ion battery that powers Strike-Vu continuously for up to 5 ½ hours. Strike-Vu is engineered around an 8-inch rigid-wire shaft to attach the camera to both main line and leader.

“I’ve used Strike-Vu cameras extensively here in Florida,” continues Balog. “The first thing I learned was how many fish follow lures and live bait without striking. Frequently, the amount of followers is much larger than the number of fish that attack. I once had a couple of big bass follow a shiner for upwards of a mile around a lake in central Florida but never hit it. Based on that video observation from Strike-Vu, I was able to fine-tune my presentation and fishing areas. Frankly, I would have never known about that spot with the big following bass if it wasn’t for underwater video — and I later caught a nine-pounder there. Looking below the surface and watching the fishes’ reaction to everything — my boat, line, lures, or live baits — is a big advantage and incredibly educational!”

Strike-Vu will be available soon with an MSRP of $99.99. Be sure to add the Aqua-Vu Strike-Vu to your underwater video arsenal today, because seeing the strike is believing!


  • Streamlined, Hydrodynamic Design
  • Dual Line Attachments
  • High-Definition Optics
  • 32-GB Internal Memory
  • Waterproof USB Connection Port for Charging and File Transfer

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