New For 2022: Shimano World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST

Nothing tops the sight of a largemouth bass closing in on a popper or the unmistakable sound of snook slurping baits deep beneath the tangle of overhanging mangroves. Shimano’s legendary BOOST CONCEPT technology prevails in every scenario with the introduction of the World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST, a multi-purpose topwater lure that triggers explosive strikes amid a variety of conditions.

Fish rely on sight and sound to locate and attack their prey, and Shimano’s World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST provides maximum appeal to both senses. Outfitted with a cupped face to create an incredible surface commotion that beckons fish from a distance, World Pop FB makes a deep gurgling sound and dramatic bubble trail with each hard snap of the rod tip.

Poppers are traditionally most effective in low light, but the World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST excels in every condition to produce an all-day topwater bite. Offering enhanced visual effects, this is the first popper to incorporate Shimano’s proprietary system FLASH BOOST technology: a paradigm-shifting visual enhancement that also fortifies Shimano’s SP-Orca, World Minnow, World Diver and World Crank lure families. FLASH BOOST suspends a highly reflective foil on micro springs within the lure’s body to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even as the popper sits motionless on the surface. “FLASH BOOST is extremely effective at calling fish in under a wide range of water conditions,” notes Shimano Pro and Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Douglas. “In cold, super-clear water where bass can see a long way, even a motionless lure continues to shimmer and sparkle thanks to FLASH BOOST.”

Further enhancing the natural mimicry and giving the lure a sense of life, Shimano’s exclusive SCALE BOOST technology incorporates a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide World Pop with a natural scale pattern that emits intense and complex reflections through the water column. By combining SCALE BOOST with FLASH BOOST, the World Pop 69F maintains its visual appeal even in the absence of angler-imparted motion.

Fine details prove their worth when trophy-caliber fish are within reach, and Shimano’s World Pop FLASH BOOST has proven exceptionally productive in delivering extraordinary fish to the boat. In calm waters, a gentle rod sweep engages the bait with a chugging action, while a more aggressive snap dominates during windy conditions. The World Pop’s concave face pushes a high volume of water, and its body profile allows for a convincing walk-the-dog retrieve. Whether presented with a methodical side-to-side cadence or large pops and deep chugs, the World Pop 69F embodies BOOST CONCEPT technology with popping and walking appeal to spark predatory behavior in any environment.

Easy to deliver with accuracy and distance, the World Pop 69F FB skips well to reach fish under docks and other imposing cover. One-piece molded internal weights allow for precision cast placement. At rest, the bait has a slightly tail-down profile, so it is always ready to leverage BOOST CONCEPT technology to attract and trigger fish.

Armed with a pair of round-bend, black nickel treble hooks, World Pop 69F FB measures 2 ¾ inches (69 mm) long and weighs ⅜ ounce (12 g). Available in ten colors – Blue SV, Clown, Chart SV, Ghost Ayu, Hot Tiger, Black Gold, Gill, N Smelt, Pink Candy and T Smelt – each World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST has an MSRP of $19.99. Look for the World Pop 69F FB in the ICAST New Product Showcase Freshwater Hard Lure category and learn more about Shimano’s innovative new products by visiting Booth 2244 at ICAST 2022.

World Pop 69F FB Features

  • One-Piece Molded Internal Weights
  • Cupped Face
  • Length: 2 ¾” (69 mm)
  • Weight: ⅜ oz (12 g)
  • Floating
  • 10 Colors

About Shimano

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