New Finish, Awesome Dependability in Daiwa Accudepth LC

Cypress, CA – Daiwa has given its Accudepth Line Counter series a sharp new generation gray finish while leaving intact the internal guts that have made these reels an industry standard for trolling a wide variety of species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. That’s great news for those who have grown to appreciate the flawless performance, durability and direct-drive line-counter precision of this long-time Daiwa favorite.

“We’re happy to give this series a fresh new look,” says Marc Mills, senior marketing manager for Daiwa. “At the same time, there wasn’t much we wanted to update on these reels because they’ve performed so well over the years. Affordably priced, they provide an accurate measurement of how much line you let out or take up, offer plenty of power, possess a smooth drag, and have a well-deserved reputation for overall dependability. What’s not to like?”

Indeed, Accudepth LC reels feature a built-in direct-drive line counter that makes them ideal for use with downriggers, diving planers or flat line trolling spreads targeting everything from walleye, salmon, trout and musky on the sweeter side, to mahi, Spanish mackerel, stripers and bluefish in the brine. The length of line anglers pay out is measured in feet, which makes it easy to set accurate and repeatable trolling patterns at selected water depths and distances behind the boat.

The series also boasts a rigid but lightweight one-piece graphite composite frame and machined lightweight aluminum spool, plus an Automatic Self-Engaging Clutch that requires but a turn of the handle to kick the reel into gear – exactly what you want when that clearly audible spool clicker begins to sing. Machine-cut brass gears transfer power smoothly and efficiently, allowing anglers to put the screws to big fish on the run. Sports of all abilities will also benefit from the Accudepth’s smooth and reliable Teflon-impregnated felt drag washers when battling potential tournament winners or personal bests. Did we mention these reels are corrosion-resistant? That’s a plus in any fishing situation.

Daiwa has reset the model numbers in its Accudepth Series to align with the other conventional reels in its lineup. Other than that – and the appealing cosmetic updates – the new Accudepth LC reels are unchanged. They still come in eight models with sizes ranging from 15 to 40, rely on single ball bearing (1BB) construction for a great blend of simplicity, smoothness and dependability, and offer gear ratios from 4.2:1 to 6.1:1. Line pickup per handle turn varies from 24.4 inches to an impressive 42.9 inches depending on the model selected while maximum drag pressure runs from 8.8 pounds to 20 pounds. Reel weights span from 12.9 ounces to 19.6 ounces. The series also boasts notable line capacities ranging from 10/290 to 20/580 for mono, and 30/330 to 65/550 for Daiwa J-Braid.

For simplicity, dependability and that feeling you are fishing with a longtime friend, the Accudepth LC series reels are a great option for anyone that considers trolling part of their regular routine. In short, these reels are more than a bargain – they’re a smart investment in your trolling arsenal. MSRP: $109.99 – $139.99.


  • Direct-Drive Built-In Line Counter
  • Automatic Self-Engaging Clutch
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
  • One-Piece Composite Frame
  • Machine-Cut Brass Gears
  • Spool Clicker

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