Ultra Pack Upgrade Video Tutorial

New Digital Depth Readout for All Vexilar Sonar Systems!

Attention Vexilar fans…

Have you ever wanted digital depth readout with your Vexilar flasher? Well, this newly patented sonar breakthrough by Vexilar allows you to easily and quickly attach to your transducer cable from any FL series Flasher sonar and get an instant digital depth reading! Designed to fit in place of the popular D-130, or T-130 battery status indicators, Vexilar has been selling for years. Within minutes you can outfit your Pro Pack, Ultra Pack or Genz Packs with the DD-100. The DD-100 not only gives you digital depth, but it also gives you the battery status by pressing a button. When not in use, the DD-100 goes to “sleep”, so you no longer have the worry about draining your battery in the off season.

Retailing for under $50.00 the DD-100 is a great upgrade for current Vexilar owners and all new Pro Pack and Ultra Pack systems will offer the DD-100 as a standard feature!

To learn more about this product and all the Vexilar products, go to www.Vexilar.com.

Ultra Pack Upgrade Video Tutorial
WATCH: Ultra Pack Upgrade Video Tutorial