New Atlantic Style Assault Diamond Jigs

New Atlantic Style Assault Diamond Jigs from Ahi USA

The New Atlantic Style Assault Diamond Jigs feature a Mustad single hook rigged directly to the swivel, reducing line twist and eliminating the ability for fish to “torque” the hook free during battle. The Assault’s 3-D holographic reflective pattern emulates fish scales and the glow eyes are certain to catch the attention of fish in even the lowest of light conditions. As good as they look, they fish even better! Assault jigs are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14oz and are ideal for fishing striped bass, fluke, false albacore, sea bass, tunas, grouper, bluefish, and cod. Also available in treble hook models.

New Atlantic Style Assault Diamond Jigs

The next generation of Promar trout nets feature snag proof rubber netting and sturdy lightweight frame. The new rubber netting is soft on fish and easy on snags. The ProtecNet system secures the netting within the frame, protecting it from abrasions and snags. Comfortable EVA grip feels luxurious in the hands and a reliable lanyard with clip secures net to angler. Model# LN-208 (15” X 11” Hoop, 7” Handle)

Promar trout nets

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