New Aqua-Vu QUAD HD Reveals 360-Degree Waterscape

Crosslake, MN – Remember your old grade school teacher, the one who kept her class from misbehaving by claiming she’d grown eyes in the back of her head? Her uncanny ability to spot student misdeeds with her back turned made you marvel at this apparent superpower.

Now envision this amazing ability while angling— the power to see in all directions, simultaneously, while searching for fish. Imagine not just the waterscape immediately in front of your eyes, darkened by vast peripheral blindspots, but a complete, breathtaking view of the entire underwater panorama. Eyes in the back of your head.

Amplifying its tradition of underwater innovation, Aqua-Vu recently released the QUAD HD™ Underwater Viewing System—a 4-in-1 underwater camera that unlocks and reveals the aquatic terrain in all directions at once. Surveying a complete, 360-degree underwater swath, the QUAD HD packs four high-definition (720p) lenses into a single all-seeing camera module. Deploying the optics provides an instant real-world video view in four directions, leaving no fish, brushpile, rock or sweet-spot unseen.

“The Aqua-Vu QUAD HD represents four years of lab and field research, engineering and development,” says Kolt Ringer, president and owner of Aqua-Vu. “This amazing camera system gives ice anglers the power to watch up to four fishing lures on one screen. But we’ve also engineered the QUAD camera housing for all-season boat, dock and shore applications. The camera module is compatible with the  Aqua-Vu XD™ Accessory System, such as the XD Live Strike sight fishing system or XD Trolling Fin, which stabilizes the lenses while searching, slow-trolling or drifting in a boat.

“For the first time,” Ringer explains, “anglers can see fish and structure ahead of as well as to the sides and even behind your position. You quickly learn how many fish can be attracted to and actually follow the camera as it moves through the water. Sometimes, you’ll see entire schools of sunfish or bass following from the rear. With four cameras working for you, you’ll never overlook another fish again. Just one of many ways Aqua-Vu is helping anglers find and catch more fish—and certainly having a lot more fun along the way.”

A ready-to-fish underwater viewing system, the QUAD HD features the 4-way QUAD camera module, 125-feet of rugged camera cable and a super bright (1300 nits) 10-inch Daylight Viewable LCD with 360 TouchZoom technology. Simply touch one of the four quadrants to zoom in and receive a full-screen view of any section of the water. On-screen digital displays of depth, compass direction and water temperature at camera provide critical underwater data.

For connecting to an auxiliary HDMI enabled display, including an ice fishing house TV, the system also includes an HDMI output for the ultimate big-screen experience. A Power-Saving mode extends LCD runtime to up to 6-hours per battery charge.

To enhance full-spectrum visibility in low-light conditions, the QUAD HD module contains a 360-degree array of high-intensity, adjustable infrared (IR) LEDs. Premium Opti-RX lab quality lenses amplify clarity, color and sharpness of the underwater image. Super Low-Light Vu™ Technology allows the optics to efficiently gather light and project a bright, color-rich image, even in lower light or stained water conditions.

Engineered for compatibility with Aqua-Vu’s modular XD Accessory System, the QUAD HD can be enhanced with the XD Trolling Fin / Live Strike Lure Monitoring System, XD Auxiliary Trolling Weights and the XD TurnTable Cable Spool Manager. The QUAD HD comes with a 12v 9Ah rechargeable battery, smart battery charger and a custom soft carry bag.

“Since the original, transformative underwater camera landed in anglers’ hands over twenty-three years ago, Aqua-Vu has continuously given us innovative, patented optical technology,” said longtime Aqua-Vu pro and legendary angler Brian Brosdahl. “The new QUAD HD opens up the entire underwater world, letting us look for fish in all four directions, simultaneously.

“Think of it as an angling superpower—real-time, real-world video of the fish and their habitat. Finding and seeing the fish in their element isn’t just valuable in helping us catch them, it’s also a blast to just sit back and watch the show.”

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