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NEW 2014 Lakeland Incorporated Catalog

Lakeland continues the tradition of being an innovator in producing superior spinner blades, spoons, and components for the fishing tackle industry. Lakeland’s New Fishing Tackle Components are now available and offer over 100 alternatives. The New Components have been developed to enhance your response in providing new fishing tackle alternatives while improving profits.

At Lakeland, manufacturing the finest quality spinner blades, casting spoons and trolling flutter spoons for the fishing tackle industry is our only business. Lakeland is one of the largest manufacturers and continues to offer more choices of size, pattern, shape, finish, paint, and custom application than any other lure component manufacturer.

Lakeland customers expect the best service in the industry and we exceed their expectations with a commitment of continued innovation. Be sure to contact Lakeland to meet your fishing tackle component needs.

Lakeland’s New 2014 Catalog Features over 100 New Components

  • Ultimate Fishing Images™- Vibrant Colors with Ultraviolet (UV) Finish
  • Riveted Weedless Spoons – Available in Hammered Finish
  • Ultimate Fishing Images™Custom UFI – Create Fishing Tackle with Your Favorite Photo, Logo, or Design.
  • Ultimate Fishing Images™ – Holographic Flash Available in 4 Foil Finishes
  • Minnow Spinner Blade -Available in New Size 4
  • Premium Weedless Spoons – Available in Hammered Finish
  • Musky & Pike Spinner Blades – Unique Multi-Pattern Deep Hex Pattern with Fluted Pattern

Lakeland's Catalog

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