Learning to Dance with Ethanol

If you own a boat, you’ve probably been there. You know the spot: stranded at the boat ramp. You turn the ignition and the engine just won’t start. It’s not a fun place to be—especially after you’ve loaded all of your gear, your rods and reels, your snacks and maybe even your dog on board. 

Make no mistake, there are countless variables in play at that moment—electronics, bad gas and rotten fuel lines, to name a few— and any number of them could have gone wrong just in time to ruin your day on the water. But in 2016, there’s no reason to be blind-sided by the unexpected.

Bill Dance is a legendary fisherman who’s learned a thing or two about the unexpected. Since his television show first debuted on American airwaves in the 1960s, Dance has been fighting fish, falling off of docks and waging war against the wear-and-tear that plagues marine motors.

“More than 90 percent of the gasoline sold in this country contains ethanol,” says Dance. “Ethanol can cause damage to marine fuel systems and ultimately lead to engine failure.”

Dance is right. According to Popular Mechanics, nearly every gallon of gas sold in the United States contains as much as a 10-percent mixture of ethanol, which in turn gums up fuel systems and damages fuel tanks. “Gasoline diluted with ethanol is a perfectly acceptable motor fuel when it’s stored properly, dispensed promptly and burned in vehicles and power equipment designed to handle it,” the renowned engineering magazine states.

But unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Which leads us back to Dance, and his solution to the crisis: Mystik JT-4® ALL-IN-ONE Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Engine Oil.

“It protects your engine,” Dance says. “I’ve been using ALL-IN-ONE since it came out, because you don’t have to go in and mix this much or that much of some substance, or put it in your gas here and your engine there. It’s already mixed for you. Anyone can use it.”

So what is ALL-IN-ONE? It’s Mystik’s solution for 2-cycle marine engine protection. It helps resolves fuel-related problems in three ways

  • Fighting corrosion
  • Stabilizing fuel
  • Cleaning your engine

“Two-stroke outboard owners have historically mixed TC-W3 oil, fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment with gasoline in hopes of preventing corrosion and fuel system damage,” says Mystik Product Manager, Todd McLemore. “We created ALL-IN-ONE to give consumers a fighting chance and to eliminate the hassle of measuring and mixing fuel additives. Now they get one product that is licensed and contains fuel additives all in one.”



That mix adds up to a product that’s a no-brainer purchase for boat owners that protects both fuel systems and engines while also playing within the rules of OEM warranties.

“We guarantee that it will protect your OEM warranty,” adds McLemore. “It’s a licensed TC-W3 engine oil that can also be used anywhere JASO FD is recommended. This includes Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha or any personal watercraft with a two-cycle engine.”

McLemore blows by those acronyms quickly. But they’re worthy of some focus. TC-W3 is the current National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) certification for two-cycle engines that controls quality and emissions. JASO is a rating from the Japanese Engine Oil Standards Implementation Panel. Combined, the certifications means your domestic or import engine is good-to-go while its running ALL-IN-ONE.

In addition to NMMA and JASO tests, Mystik put ALL-IN-ONE through a battery of extreme tests that that proved the product can reduce rust in saltwater applications by 70% and improve fuel stability by over 250%. ALL-IN-ONE was also put through a 100-hour cleaning performance trial that removed 98% of the of the varnish and carbon deposits on a 40HP outboard..

In other words, it’s strong stuff—strong enough to earn a ringing endorsement from Dance, and strong enough to help keep your engine cranking and running all-out on your next visit to the boat ramp