Mustang Survival Launches New SOLAS Life Jacket

BELLINGHAM, WA – Mustang Survival is proud to launch the FIRST and ONLY North American life jacket to have earned four regulatory approvals in one simple, yet innovative, design. International marine transportation regulations require vessels to comply with a number of policies regulating on-board safety equipment. The 4-ONE eases the hassle and financial burden associated with purchasing and storing life jackets for each unique approval type by incorporating all requirements into one product.

The 4-ONE is an approved:

  • US Coast Guard Type I Lifejacket
  • US Coast Guard SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea)
  • Marine Equipment Directive SOLAS
  • Transport Canada SOLAS

“We are thrilled to introduce this new product,” comments Shannon Ward, Business Development at Mustang Survival. “After several years of extensive design and testing, we are happy to offer a product that not only meets the requirements of marine transport around the globe, but also optimizes storage space, is easy to don, and has outstanding in-water performance.”

In addition to meeting four different regulatory approvals, 4-ONE test subjects also found it easier to don and secure than competitors’ products. Further simplifying onboard operations, the 4-ONE uses eight percent less storage space, a significant savings for commercial vessel operators to consider.

“For vessel owners and operators, the 4-ONE provides an easy and compelling solution to their safety compliance obligations. We believe its feature set gives owners and operators looking to simplify their fleet operations a real reason to adopt the 4-ONE solution when it comes time to re-fit their vessels,” adds Ward.

The 4-ONE will be available at dealers in both adult and child sizing summer of 2013. For more information, visit