Mustad Unveils The Ultimate Assist Hook

A complex approach to catching saltwater gamefish that can’t be caught otherwise, slow-pitch jigging requires an intricate collection of tackle and an intimate understanding of all components involved. Everything must work in unison to be effective in this arena, and the all-new Mustad 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash assist hooks with AlphaPoint® 4.8 technology are the final piece of the puzzle helping anglers to connect with a wide array of species across demanding fisheries worldwide.

After many years with minimal changes, the traditional diamond jig with trailing treble hook experienced a remarkable advancement with the introduction of high-speed jigs and their unique assist hooks hanging by a length of cord. Today, enthusiastic anglers make metal come to life with an entirely new system called slow-pitch jigging.

Unlike high-speed jigging, which aims to mimic fleeing baitfish, slow-pitch jigging artfully replicates the behavior of wounded baitfish. It’s the fastest-growing segment in saltwater sportfishing and highly effective at enticing bottom fish like snapper and grouper, and also mid-water pelagics like tuna, wahoo and kingfish.

One key element to this convincing approach is the use of specialized rods that are surprisingly thin and remarkably refined. However, slow-pitch rods lack the required backbone to pump and wind with traditional fish-fighting techniques. Once a fish is hooked, the role of the rod diminishes, and the significance of the hooks is more important than ever.

Mustad’s 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash incorporates a super-smooth, one-piece stainless steel ring and two hooks that are strategically positioned to ensure precise orientation and enhance the likelihood of a successful hookset. Assist cordage is expertly crafted using premium PE and Kevlar materials, providing strength and durability while also making the drop stiffer, which helps to reduce tangles with leader and jig. Mustad’s ultra-sharp 1X wide-gap spade hooks are whipped to the cordage and finished with epoxy. The inclusion of shimmering red fibers furthers the illusion of an injured baitfish.

A foundation of premium technologies supports the best-in-class innovations that permeate the all-new Mustad 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash assist hooks. Complementing Mustad’s proven UltraPoint® 4.3 technology keeping hooks sharper longer, AlphaPoint® 4.8 features a uniquely elongated needlepoint tip that is 4.8 times the wire diameter, providing deep hooksets with the slightest effort.

Power translates to deep hooking with an elongated and shallower point section that penetrates faster, leaving a smaller hole and a more secure hookset, even when fishing deep water when there is a lot of line between you and that trophy snapper or grouper. The Ruthless Slow Flash assist hook’s Nor-Tempered high-carbon alloy wire provides the perfect balance of metal hardness, rigidity and thinness to reduce flex, aiding in faster penetration, giving jigging enthusiasts the upper hand helping to hook and land more fish than ever before.

While shorter slow-pitch jigs typically feature two upper hooks, anglers have experimented with using two lower hooks on longer jigs and found impressive results in converting short bites into solid hookups. After the initial strike and hookset, a jig will swing around, allowing additional hooks to snare and ensure a secondary hookset. By utilizing multiple hooks, the burden of the entire weight of the fish is distributed, preventing strain on a single hook. This strategy also allows for the use of smaller and lighter hooks that effortlessly pierce the tough mouths of saltwater gamefish.

When rigging Mustad 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash assist hooks it is recommended you incorporate a new #6 Demon Link split ring, which keeps a direct, in-line connection from the mainline and leader to the solid ring, with the jig swinging independently on the split ring. This terminal tackle arrangement also allows for the jig to be quickly changed out with a pair of split ring pliers.

Ideal for pairing or replacing hooks on your favorite slow-pitch jig, like Mustad’s Rip Roller that features a center-weighted design for fishing deep water or heavy current, the 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash assist hooks also provide an excellent solution for enhancing the performance of your favorite light, flutter, vertical, and micro jigs. Regardless of your preferred approach when presenting metal jigs to saltwater gamefish, a combination of premium technologies and manufacturing excellence establishes Mustad’s 2/0 Ruthless Slow Flash as the pinnacle of innovation and performance in its class.


  • 4.8 AlphaPoint® Technology
  • Opti-Angle Needlepoint
  • 1X Strong
  • Wide-Gap
  • Spade Eye
  • Forged
  • Nor-Tempered


MSRP $8.99

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