Mustad Promotes John Loughlin III to Global OEM Manager

Mustad is the best connection to your next bite. Tracing its origins to Gjøvik, Norway in 1877, Mustad is recognized as the global leader in producing premium hooks that secure every finned adversary imaginable – from brook trout to bass and salmon to sharks. Supported by a foundation of design and manufacturing excellence and demanded by discerning anglers, Mustad hooks are the central component of lures manufactured worldwide. Now, Mustad Fishing provides additional support to its expanding OEM segment by promoting John Loughlin III to Global OEM Manager.

Kenni Rise, CEO of O. Mustad & Son, announced Loughlin’s promotion in November. Loughlin III, who had previously held the position of OEM Manager for North America, will now expand his supervision of Mustad’s OEM segment across the globe. “With more than a decade of manufacturing, procurement, and sales experience within the fishing industry, John Loughlin III combines his comprehensive knowledge of brand management and tackle manufacturing with a passion and purpose to advocate for his customers,” states Rise. “Facilitating collaboration between Mustad, manufacturers, and brands has been his focus as Mustad continues to provide innovative, premium hooks and an unapparelled level of service for all.”

I’m looking forward to engaging my expanded role with Mustad, an organization I’m so proud to work within,” states Loughlin III. “Having a product that can support such a vast range of fishing tackle worldwide is an exciting opportunity. I have tremendous confidence that our team – one that spans multiple continents – will continue to expand the OEM segment, delivering Mustad quality and innovation to anglers across the globe.

For nearly 150 years, anglers have trusted Mustad to hook and hold, extracting fish from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and oceans worldwide. With the promotion of John Loughlin III to Global OEM Manager, Mustad renews its commitment to forge partnerships that help anglers connect with the catch of their dreams.

About Mustad

Mustad has led the global hook market since 1877. Mustad’s mission is to create a comprehensive multi-brand company that leads the fishing tackle industry, while focusing on innovation, employee and customer satisfaction, and sustainability. With the addition of TUF-LINE and LIVETARGET, Mustad continues to solidify its position as a complete sports fishing brand family.