Mustad Debuts Complete System of Assist Jigs, Assist Rigs and Split Rings at ICAST

Miami, Fla., — A growing trend in saltwater fishing is the technique known as assist jigging, and Mustad is diving in headfirst with three different series of assist jigs designed for various conditions. The offerings within the three series cover a broad spectrum of shape and weight configurations to enable success in a variety of fishing scenarios.  The jigs feature bright, holographic finishes for maximum flash, and all come ready to fish with top-quality Mustad Ocean Crystal Assist Rigs.  

The Zippy jig is a bottom-weighted jig for long-distance casting. It’s ideal for casting from shore or from a boat when targeting schooling pelagic species such as tunas and jacks. The wide profile of the Zippy jig causes it to flutter and flash on the drop, drawing the attention of predators through both sight and vibration. When retrieved quickly, the Zippy skips on the water’s surface like a fleeing baitfish. It can also be worked near the bottom of shallow reef systems with a lift-and-drop presentation to target reef dwelling species like snappers and groupers.

Zippy Jigs are available in three sizes (40g, 60g, and 80g) and six color patterns: Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Sardine, Pink Sardine, Green Mackerel, Orange Yellow, and Full Chrome.

The Daggerman jig is a 60:40 front-weighted vertical jig designed for aggressive predators like amberjacks, yellowtail, and tunas. The Daggerman is most effective when fished in short, rapid pumps with short pauses in between. The hydrodynamically shaped Daggerman rips through the water column to draw the attention of nearby predators. When paused, the lure immediately dives head-down with the natural darting movement of a fleeing baitfish. Daggerman jigs are available in six sizes (100g, 150g, 200g, 240g, 280g, and 320g) and six color patterns: Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Sardine, Pink Sardine, Green Mackerel, Orange Yellow, and Full Chrome.

The Moonriser jig features a slim profile with its weight concentrated near its head. It’s a highly versatile jig that is effective for a wide variety of fish species. Due to its streamlined shape, it descends quickly and is great for fishing structure such as wrecks. It cuts through water with minimal resistance and allows the angler to jig in deeper water. Slower and longer strokes are ideal for working the Moonriser. This less aggressive technique allows anglers to continuously jig for a longer duration and increase the chance of strikes. Moonriser jigs are available in six sizes (90g, 120g, 150g, 200g, 250g, and 300g) and six color patterns: Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Sardine, Pink Sardine, Green Mackerel, Orange Yellow, and Full Chrome.

Ocean Crystal Assist Rigs (Ref No J-ASSIST5) are also available separately in sizes 1/0 to 11/0. They come dressed in tinsel flash and feature a solid ring for easy attachment to split rings. The assist rigs are tied on Mustad 10881NP 4X Strong UltraPoint hooks and rigged with high-quality Ocean Crystal Blue Kevlar for maximum strength.

New Mustad Forged Split Rings (Ref No MA111) come packaged to deliver value, and are available in 12 sizes to cover all rigging needs—from size 0 at 2.3mm ID and a 15-pound strength rating up to the massive size 11 at 13mm ID and 330-pound strength rating.