Motorguide X5 Wins 2015 IBEX Innovation Award

LOWELL, Michigan — MotorGuide, a trusted fishing brand that has engineered and built trolling motors and accessories for more than 50 years, recently won the Innovation Award for the Outboard Engines category at the 2015 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) for its new X5 trolling motor that features Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) technology.

The IBEX Innovation Awards, determined by a judges panel of journalists from Boating Writers International (BWI), recognizes “significant contributions in marine industry innovation and product development.”

The IBEX judges recognized the exceptional engineering innovation of MotorGuide’s patented VRS technology, which delivers variable steering response and outstanding maneuverability. At the core of the VRS system is a unique elliptical cam that creates two distinct turning speeds: a deliberate speed for precise and subtle steering adjustments in the Primary Angling Zone in front of the boat, and a faster speed when making quick or evasive turns. VRS also virtually eliminates the unpredictable effects of torque steering feedback, so anglers can maintain steering control even in the most challenging conditions.

“We’re appreciative that the X5 with VRS was recognized for its innovation,” said Kevin Read, product manager for MotorGuide. “VRS is a significant advancement in trolling motor steering that will enable anglers to precisely maneuver in places where fish like to hide, as well as maintain control in rough water conditions.”

The X5 is a tournament-caliber motor with rugged construction and standard Digital Power Management technology that extends battery life up to five times beyond its normal capacity to keep anglers on the water longer.

Anglers can purchase X5 this fall from leading retailers and can select from four power levels and three shaft lengths. Sonar transducer is also available.

 About MotorGuide

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