#MondayLifeHacks Change Your Password to Beat the Monday Blues

Welcome to Monday. Don’t be afraid.

You knew this day was coming. It’s the end of the weekend and, for many of you, the end of your fishing expeditions until that glorious Saturday morning somewhere in the distant future. That means in between now and the next time you get to cast a line, you’ve got to navigate a labyrinth of business calls, spreadsheets and bills. It means, if you’re like us, it’s all too easy to come down with a case of the Monday Blues. And before you laugh at that analogy, consider this—according to Forbes, the Monday Blues have become a cultural phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon that can have a real impact on the quality of your work. Misery, it’s said, loves company.

So if waving goodbye to muddy waters has you singing the blues like—well, Muddy Waters—our friends at I Like My Team have some advice for you:

Change your password.

In a neat story adapted from Mauricio Estrella’s Medium blog, I Like My Team delves into the inner workings of your computer password. Yes, your computer password. You know, that tiny source of frustration and angst that so often greets you before the first taste of coffee touches your tongue. Chances are your password has more to do with a birthday or a series of random numbers and characters than any real meaning. Who can blame you?

But it’s time for that to change. Think about it—that password unlocks the gateway to your work life and your business world. What if instead of having to pull a random series of numbers and characters from your memory, you actually pulled a memory that motivates you? Just one tiny, positive thing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.26.33 AM

And according to I Like My Team, that’s exactly what he did…

Before you put down that coffee, take a few minutes to read the rest.